Sunday, March 27, 2011

Megan's Rules for good living!

1. Life is hard... Buy yourself presents.

2. Never feel guilty for killing your houseplant

3. There is no better pick me up than chocolate and a trip to the Zoo. 

4. It's ok to get lost... Sometimes it's  the only way to find yourself. But bring a compass and a cell phone just in case.

5. Marvel at the beauty of the world

6. Live in the present

7. love like there is no tomorrow

8.Trust like there was no yesterday. 

9. Do not hang on to the unhealthy... Friendships end, people break up, sometimes it's just over. Let go, pick up, and start over. But most of all never look back. 

10. Happiness isn't a matter of luck or circumstance. Its a way of living and a choice you can make for yourself. 

11. Don't keep bad memories. 

12. Work out, but not on vacation

13. Eat healthy, 95% of the time. When you do pig out... Make it a 5 star restaurant. 

14. Develop your own style... Forget the trendy... unless the trendy is your style- then go you!

15. Never buy anything on sale that wouldn't pay full price for. 

16. Develop a bad day plan... When life gives you lemons you might need a recipe on hand for that lemonade. 

17. There is no education like the education you get from international travel. 

18. Do things that make you proud of yourself. Forgive yourself for mistakes you have made.

19. Love your family... Even when they are annoying you. 

20. It's ok to ignore your friends when you need a break. It doesn't make you a bad friend... It makes you a healthy one. 

21. When it comes to conflict- make sure winning the argument is worth the fight... which most of the time it wont be... Its ok to let it go (even if you know you are 100% right)

22. Every once and a while sit back and make a mental list of all the things in your life that you are thankful for.  

23. Helping a friend when they are going through an unhealthy time is admirable... Just make sure that they don't make you sick before you can make them better. 

24. If you only have time to make your bed OR do the dishes... Do the dishes. 

25. Soak it all in! life is short make it as sweet as possible. Love, live, and find your bliss... 


{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Loved this!!! And it's funny I totally buy myself presents...hehe. Love #20, sometimes people just don't understand that move. :(

Hope you had a good weekend.

Bella said...

This is a kick-ass list! It was thoroughly enjoyable and full of win. :)

Pillow Talk said...

Thank you Bella and Selma! I am glad that you liked it! :)

and selma... the friend thing is an uphill climb for sure. I have noticed that when I am up front with my friends and just say things like "I need some me time" or I just keep busy and schedule something with them like a month out it works better than just ignore them outright when you need a break. But its still hard because they want to know why you are so busy or why you need time to yourself. 70% of girlfriends are nosey... its because they care so much... but its really hard to say "I want to be left alone for a bit" without hurting their feelings.

Pillow Talk said...

Bella I love that term "full of win"... its wonderful!!

Pearls and Pears said...

"Pillow Talk" is me btw... I was accidentally signed into my work google account.

I do that all the time! I cant keep anything straight!! :)

Holly said...

Thank you for this list! I loved it. Very good rules :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Will be bookmarking that post, those rules really resonate with me.