Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Her love, faith, and patience was worth it...

I am happy to announce that my dear friend Whitney is having a baby...

Congratulations to Whitney and her husband Jody!
She heard the heart beat last week and announced it to all of us that she is due:
August 10th!!

I can't think of 2 people who deserve it more than them... 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

About a week ago I celebrated my 27th birthday! Despite the shock of turning 27, I had a pretty amazing weekend!

On my actual birthday my mom took me up to Portland to go shopping for the dat and have lunch with my aunt Syd at Brasserie Montmartre! My favorite lunch spot in portland. Syd gave he her birthday gift which was amazing cookwear from sur la table and basil olive oil from the Lake Oswego Oilery! Then bought me my big gift from my parents (after much debating over what I wanted! too much to pick!) which was a new marc jacobs bag!
Brasserie Montmartre!

A very tiny photo of my new bag... couldn't find a better one!

On our way back from Portland my mom dropped me off in Corvallis to meet up with Matt and we went to the UCLA v. Oregon State Basketball game! Which was so much fun! Then he took me out to dinner at this really yummy sushi restaurant called Aomatsu where they specialized in a dish they playfully call "beaver balls". Which is really tempura mushrooms that have been stuffed with salmon and topped with avocado and sweet soy. Then Matt gave me his gift! Which was a gift certificate for my and a friend to go get facials at a spa in Eugene! Which was so thoughtful! 

Go Bruins!!

yumm... beaver balls! LOL

On our way home we stopped at my favorite bakery in eugene for a slice of orange chocolate cake!

Happy Birthday to me! (pay no attention to the recycling in Matt's apartment)

As if this day wasnt enough! My parents took us out to dinner the next night at my favorite spot in Eugene, Osteria Sfizio. (if you notice I am hitting up all my favorites on my birthday! :) )

On Saturday we went to the UCLA v. Oregon at the new Matthew Knight Arena! That was a BLAST! It was so awesome finally seeing the brand new arena after the years of talking about it and all the construction down on campus. After the game we went to get ready for dinner and had my last and final (#3 if you are counting) birthday dinner with a big group of our friends. It was also my dear friend shanleys birthday and so we were celebrating a dual b day! Love it!!

Matthew Knight Arena!!

Shanley and I at Marche!

All in all it was a fabulous birthday!! 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Polling the readers...

After all that talk two days ago of Megan's picks... I have decided to buy myself a pair of sorel boots for my birthday... I cant decide between the Classic Caribou or the Joan of Arctic...

So what do you think??

Joan of Arctic

The Caribou

Honestly... there is a good chance that I will end up getting both before next winter... I am going to Sun Valley for Christmas and while I love my ugg boots... They are on their last leg. :(
Probably wont make it till next winter!

However- the cost of BOTH of these is the same as the last pair of uggs I bought... that justifies it right??

Anyway... help me choose!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Megan's Picks: January

Otherwise known as "Megan's favorite things"... similar to Oprah, but I don't get paid by big companies to promote their junk. Come on Oprah... you don't wear apple bottom jeans... GIVE ME A BREAK! :)

SO For the month of January... this is what I am loving...

1. "Domino: The Book of Decorating, a room by room guide to creating a home that makes you happy."

I am sprucing up the digs! Developing personal style isn't as easy as one one think... I love a lot of different styles. Combining french country, Asian influences, and modern function is not easy at all! This book is awesome. It was a christmas gift from my mother and the book basically helps you develop your own style  and break the rules of decorating to create your own type of room. Basing the decorating on the influences in your life that make you happy. 

They take you step by step on the development of a room based on your own influences... its hard to describe... just go snag yourself a copy. YOU WONT REGRET IT! 

2. Thermals

They are so cute and casual... they look cute with a great pair of jeans and boots, but are practical enough to wear yoga pants or Pj's! if you can find a longer style, they look fantastic with a thick pair of leggings and Ugg boots. Yes I said Ugg boots! I don't care if some people say they are "OUT" they are always IN when it hits below 40! And so are Sorel boots... speaking of which... my next pick is...

3. Sorel Boots

I have always loved these... even when they were considered lame. J Crew just picked them up as an additional line. I love these boots because they have the same look or idea as Uggs, but they are indestructible. They are a fabulous addition to your winter wardrobe! Look great with leggings and a tunic, jeggings, and skinny jeans. They make your legs look TINY! Pair it with a mid thigh length winter coat... so wintery and fun!

4. Chocolate Covered Oreos

I am a big fan of a sweet treat post work out. So I have started a new thing! Chocolate covered oreos are 70 calories a piece and if you only eat one it isn't horrible for you. So I get one after I work out every day... I work out QUITE a bit! If I get over an hour of cardio (has to be more than 7 minutes over an hour... as that what it takes to burn one!) I allow myself one of these little babies. I don't care what anyone says... TOTALLY WORTH THOSE 7 MINUTES! 

5. Lamp in a box

I am getting ready for New York and going over all the companies that I will be calling on to buy product for my store and I came across the most amazing lamp company that puts different fun and funky images into lamps and you pick out your image, then your stand. They are affordable and you cal also upload your own image if you don't like anything they have... THEY ARE DARLING!! check them out at lampinabox.com

6. Cooking at home
I know this sounds silly. However, as a gal that lives alone- it doesn't happen as much as it should!

If there is ever a month to stay in and cook your own meals its January! Lots of new years resolutions to loose weight, save money, and stay organized... A great way to do so is to try and eat in as much as possible... I am so bad about buying groceries and then just stopping at chipotle on my way home or grabbing take out from the restaurant at my athletic club and charging it to my account. Then when the bill comes its "Aahh!! how did that happen??!!"... meanwhile ALL my food goes bad in your fridge and its another $100 bucks down the drain!

7. Birthdays

Why exactly do I think that these personal little holidays are so chic and stylish right now?? 

Because mine is tomorrow :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2 Chickens, The Ducks, and a dog...

First off I wanted to share my New Years Day pictures! Matt and I wandered over to At&t park in San Fran!
McCovey Cove!

Out in front of AT&T park... You are welcome Giants!!

Its beginning to look a lot like BCS Championship time!! Eugene is bustling with pride and I have seen some fun things around town to celebrate Duck Football!! As you all know I am a huge Duck fan and a season ticket holder, It pains me that I am not going to be in Arizona for the game because of work! :(

HOWEVER! I am pretty excited that I will be in Eugene for the big game!! 

Little Gracie bear is PRETTY excited!!

The Bakery case at our local gourmet market... The best bakery in town! 

This is just ridiculous...

Flowers and Balloons!!
How awesome is this?? Printing this on a t-shirt for next season for sure!!

SO! Other than gearing up for the big game... I have been cooking up a storm! Matt and I went to game night at his Boss's house last night and I made a pasta bake of Penne, alfredo sauce, pesto sauce, roasted garlic, parmesan, white cheddar cheese, and mozzarella...

It was one of the best things I have ever made!!

I also made garlic crusted roast chicken... so easy and delish!!

Since my birthday is coming up this week... my mom has treated me to a few fun things for my apartment!

Koi fish painting for my bathroom!

Also she bought me those super cute elephant book ends due to the large number of coobooks on my counter! It has gotten out of control! She also bought me the cute ceramic polka dot chicken... which really ties my kitchen together!

Thats my update for now!!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is what happens when I bring Gracie to work with me...

Its a good thing I had a productive day yesterday... 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today was awesome...

I got done everything I needed to... including filing an insurance claim, paid my bills,  finished the renovations to our website, got 4 more items donated to the Junior league silent auction, sold a TON of merchandise at the shop, got my ticket for texting while driving reduced significantly, was told I was "awesome" 4 different times for reasons completely unrelated to anything I have listed, and I got my butt to the gym after work before drinks with my girlfriends.

the only thing I didn't do was do a post about my trip from the last weekend... which will come shortly...

I hope the rest of you had fabulous days too!!!