Monday, February 28, 2011

For the lady watching her figure... like me!

Most awesome thing ever... I have been trying to come up with a yummy satisfying afternoon snack that will not only satisfy me but fuel my post work workout! Here it is...

Burrito Cups!

I love mexican food and as you read about my love of burrito bowls (which are low cal)... I thought "hey! why not take that yummy concept and make it smaller, if you can have a bowl and a cup of soup... why not a burrito cup..." 

So here is my recipe!

Burrito Cups:
1 ounce of Megan's Taco Chicken (recipe to follow)
1/4 cup of rice
1/4 cup fat free refried, pinto, or black beans
1 tbsp shredded chedder cheese
1 tbsp fat free sour cream
1/8 of a small avocado
1 tbsp of chunky salsa or pico de gayo
Super cute 6 ounce party cups! 

Layer rice, beans, chicken and cheese. Microwave for about a minute. then add the sour cream, avocado, and salsa. BOOM... delish and keeps you totally satisfied! 

The calorie content- 165!! Superb. 

And here is my recipe for taco chicken

Megan's Taco Chicken:
1 fully cooked rotissery chicken (deboned, skinned, and chopped up- a pre-cooked chicken from any grocery store is fine!)
1 packet of taco seasoning
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 cup water

On high add all ingredients and stir until spice, water and olive oil is evenly distributed. Cook until all water is evaporated. Serve and enjoy! 

Also can be made in advance and brought to work! I am keeping a few in the fridge at the shop for when I get hungry.  Also super fun to put them in cute cups! Just bring a separate container for all the cold ingredients and add them post microwave...

I knew something awesome would come of today... :) 

I dont know about you...

But today started out CRAPPY! As per my New Years Resolution... I am going to try and make it better by the time I go to bed. I am not having a bad day... I only had a bad moment.

AAANNNNDDDD... its gone! :)

Its going to be cupcakes and daisies for the rest of the day!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

She's a Shiny One!

I want to introduce all of you to my dear friend Annie! She JUST started blogging this week! Her blog is darling!! You should all go and check her out! I have talked about her quite a bit in my blog... My trip to Bend last fall was at her home in Broken Top! So give her a read, she is fabulous!

Her blog is about her life living in 2-3 different places all the while being a therapist, her amazing skills in entertaining, tending to her family, and starting her own family with her wonderful husband Anthony...

(Annie is in the blue dress, and I am in the pink!)

Check her out! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Megan's Picks: February

Time for my next installment of fun things I LOVE!! I have some fun and festive new things that I have really gotten into this month! So get ready... here we go!

1. Fabric Headboards: I am loving this luxe look! I actually just bought myself a new fabric headboard for my bedroom (photos to come!). Its such a great way to spruce up your bedroom! Mine is a white shantung silk high arch fully upholstered headboard.

I am so excited for this to arrive. Fabric headboards have been a luxury item from the beginning and continue to be a fabulous addition to any place big or small!

2. Burrito Bowls: These have been a favorite of mine for a WHILE. However, now that bikini season is right around the corner - beans, brown rice, and lean protein have officially become my new best friend. Throw in these some yummy spices, grilled veggies, and avocado. SO YUMM!!!

3. Local beatnik restaurants and theaters: (yes i did just use the term beatnik... love it) More specifically one particular Eugene hot spot, The David Minor Theater.  Maybe one of the coolest ideas for a theater in Eugene. Named after a local young man who died in a tragic accident, David Minor was very into theater and it was built in his honor.

Not only is it less expensive than a regular megaplex, but they have turned the theater into a bar. They serve beer, wine, and also have a full menu of food that is provided by the 4 restaurants across the street from it (ie mini pizza and salad fro Granary Pizza Company, Mac and Cheese from the Lucky Noodle, and burgers and fried from Cornucopia grill). 

Of all these things they do nothing compares to the awesomeness that is "Text a Beer". You send a text to the provided number that says your name, theater number, and what you want off the menu. Within 5 to 20 minutes they bring you your order. How amazing is that? 

This has become a staple for date nights with Matt... also its 3 blocks from his apartment/my office! 

4. Mod Cloth! My new favorite website for party dresses!! They are so darling... I only wish I had found it before. Also incredibly reasonable and has a ton of wonderful brands all vintage styled. They only carry dresses that have a vintage look to them. So unbelievably darling!! Here are a few samples of the ones I love!

I mean seriously! How cute are these dresses??!!!

5. Perfect Couples: Its such a cute show!! For those of you who haven't seen it... its on NBC at 8:30 on Thursdays before The Office. Not only is it hilarious, but it takes place in Portland OR... I mean of course I love it :) 

Give it a whirl! Its so darling!!

6. Iced Tea: Again... something that I have always loved. However given the recent scary studies coming out about the dangers of drinking copious amounts of Diet Coke, I have decided that its time to switch to something healthier. So I have gotten hooked on Trader Joe's Kettle Brewed Unsweetened Black Iced Tea. It is so yummy and while I was drinking it with sugar for a while, I have gotten used to the fact that it isn't sweet. Given my intense love of caffeine... I needed something with a boost! So that is my new fabulous daily drink of choice!

7.  Spring Flowers! The conclusion of February means the coming of Spring... and even though it SNOWED today... I bought a bouquet of flowers the other day for my apartment. It is helping me through the last few weeks left of winter! So ready for the sun to come out!!!

Those are my picks for February!

Enjoy Everyone!!!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A bite of the Big Apple...

Today I would like to share with you my recent trip to NYC! Every year my mom and I set out the first week in February and go to New York on business. Sometimes we buy, sometimes we sell, but no matter what we are doing, its ALWAYS FUN!!!
My mom and I at Rockafellar Center... sporting my new Tom Fords and her Guccis
Sometimes we are fancy. :)

Ever since I have come back from this trip I have been more inspired than usual. It really is the best part of attending the show. You look at all the trends in the up and coming year (this just in Equestrian, hippy chic, and bold colors are back again this year- at least when it comes to the gift market), and a wave of creativity just came over me. The second we got back I went to work on the summer line. 

Let me share with you some of the highlights of this FABULOUS TRIP! 

First night in NYC at our "hang out" The Bull and Bear...
 Straight up Don Draper Style

Our home away from home! The Waldorf Astoria...

DEAN AND DELUCA! My favorite breakfast stop. 
So lost at the show...

Found myself at Dwell Studios...

We don't sell jewelry... But she wanted some!

Entrance to NYIGF...

After we finished working... Mom is so happy. 
About to see jersey boys.

This is the ORIGINAL Eggs Benedict. Where Eggs Bennie was invented,
 The Waldorf Astoria.

And the Girlfriend of the Year award goes toooooo...

Just... too...much... to... do... 

Lunch at Saks... my favorite place to stop and have a bite! 
And it overlooks Rockafellar Center!

At the Plaza for a Hot Chocolate!

That was my trip! 

Get ready for the fun post this week! 
Megan's Picks for February!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Its Valentines day!!!!


Love to all of you!

The Stylish Blogger Award Recipients (and the 7 things you all don't know about me)

I am going to start by saying that compiling this was really hard. I feel almost sheepish about how much I talk about myself... Although this is a blog about my life so I guess I shouldn't.

Anyway... on to the list! we will do this david letterman style...

7. I LOVE ELEPHANTS!! (and giraffes) but elephants more! They are peaceful, nurturing, wise animals. Symbols of intelligence and good luck. They have no natural predators and actually make their own music. Also... they have the ability to experience grief. When a member of the herd dies... they have a funeral. Large herds will stand around the body idle and then each elephant one by one comes up to the body stands there for a moment and then moves to the back to give someone else a chance to "pay there respects". no joke...  when we saw them at the portland zoo, I looked at matt and said "yeah I am going to need at least 20 minutes in the elephant area".
I love em! 

6. I have 80 percent of the madera embroidery color catalogue memorized to the point if i see a shade in real life i can say oh thats #1048. Its so nerdy... but hey its what i do for a living! 
5. If i cant sleep I always turn on Young Victoria. It calms me down and puts me right to bed. Its one of my favorites, especially if I have had a particularly stressful day. 

4. I love the Red Sox... (I may have mentioned this before). I will admit that I have fully been swept up in Giants mania... especially since my boyfriend and my father are HUGE giants fans. I was very happy to see them win the world series after so many years.... but my team is the Bo-Sox. My aunt became a huge Red Sox fan at an early age and her life long dream was to move to Boston. She finally did it at the age of 52 and four months after she moved there, she was diagnosed with stage four cancer and had to leave Boston to come live with my family. She died shortly there after. So needless to say... I have become a red sox fan in honor of her.

3. I have become a serious grandma-ish style nerd in that I have started a massive cookbook collection. I especially like the vintage Williams Sonoma ones that you can only get on because they are out of print. The are the one word smaller cookbooks just called Chicken, Asian, Pasta, Cake, Bread, Thanksgiving, etc. Anyway... you cant find them anymore at Williams Sonoma. So I am trying to get all of them because my mother swore by them when I was growing up. So many of her good recipes came from those books! Who knows if I will be able to find them again when I am older! I have been collecting other cookbooks too like the Dean and Deluca Series. I also recently acquired the Waldorf Astoria Cookbook when I was in NYC! I love it...

2. I LOVE sushi... I am throwing that in there because I don't think I mentioned it before.

1. Last but not least... I LOVE a good party. I am not talking about those silly house parties we all threw in college. I mean the grand 300 person benefit, or specialty wine tasting at a vineyard type of party. I am a huge fan of giant social events where you only know at most 50% of the people there. In knowing this my parents gave me a Tower Club Membership at King Estate Winery in Oregon. Every 3 months they have a social event where they do a 12 type wine tasting complete with HD's. Every club member gets an allotment of 4 tickets which comes complimentary with your membership. At this party you are given 3 bottles of exclusive wines that in some cases are only sold to members of the club. ITS THE BEST! They also have 2-3 other events every month including crab festivals, christmas parties, bbq's, and one large fancy cocktail party every fall to celebrate the harvest. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! 

Photo of the grounds of king estate surrounded by the thousands of acres of land used to produce the wine!

Well... enough about me!! I have chosen the recipients of the stylish blogger award!!

Now this is a PROCESS... soooo... here are the first 6. I will post the next 9 a little later...


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

re- wallpapering the blog...

You all may have noticed a change in my blog! The lovely people at shabby blogs have vamped things up a bit and have changed all their backgrounds, and my lovely "megan" background was changed to a different URL (which is why my blog was solid green yesterday with an error code). I am taking the opportunity to shake things up and trying some new ones! I am trying this one for a bit before making my final decision :)

If only wallpapering your house were this easy! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I received an award!

A BIG thank you to Holly at Running in Stilettos for the fabulous award! 

Now I have the lovely task of picking 15 of my favorite bloggers to give this award to.
That will be the hard part... there are so many in my reader! 

I also have to tell 7 things about myself... since I talk about myself pretty much all the time I am going to need to come up with some creative tid bits I have yet to tell!

Stay tuned! I am going to put my thinking cap on and get back to you!

Thank you again Holly! Everyone be sure to check out her DARLING blog!!