Monday, February 14, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award Recipients (and the 7 things you all don't know about me)

I am going to start by saying that compiling this was really hard. I feel almost sheepish about how much I talk about myself... Although this is a blog about my life so I guess I shouldn't.

Anyway... on to the list! we will do this david letterman style...

7. I LOVE ELEPHANTS!! (and giraffes) but elephants more! They are peaceful, nurturing, wise animals. Symbols of intelligence and good luck. They have no natural predators and actually make their own music. Also... they have the ability to experience grief. When a member of the herd dies... they have a funeral. Large herds will stand around the body idle and then each elephant one by one comes up to the body stands there for a moment and then moves to the back to give someone else a chance to "pay there respects". no joke...  when we saw them at the portland zoo, I looked at matt and said "yeah I am going to need at least 20 minutes in the elephant area".
I love em! 

6. I have 80 percent of the madera embroidery color catalogue memorized to the point if i see a shade in real life i can say oh thats #1048. Its so nerdy... but hey its what i do for a living! 
5. If i cant sleep I always turn on Young Victoria. It calms me down and puts me right to bed. Its one of my favorites, especially if I have had a particularly stressful day. 

4. I love the Red Sox... (I may have mentioned this before). I will admit that I have fully been swept up in Giants mania... especially since my boyfriend and my father are HUGE giants fans. I was very happy to see them win the world series after so many years.... but my team is the Bo-Sox. My aunt became a huge Red Sox fan at an early age and her life long dream was to move to Boston. She finally did it at the age of 52 and four months after she moved there, she was diagnosed with stage four cancer and had to leave Boston to come live with my family. She died shortly there after. So needless to say... I have become a red sox fan in honor of her.

3. I have become a serious grandma-ish style nerd in that I have started a massive cookbook collection. I especially like the vintage Williams Sonoma ones that you can only get on because they are out of print. The are the one word smaller cookbooks just called Chicken, Asian, Pasta, Cake, Bread, Thanksgiving, etc. Anyway... you cant find them anymore at Williams Sonoma. So I am trying to get all of them because my mother swore by them when I was growing up. So many of her good recipes came from those books! Who knows if I will be able to find them again when I am older! I have been collecting other cookbooks too like the Dean and Deluca Series. I also recently acquired the Waldorf Astoria Cookbook when I was in NYC! I love it...

2. I LOVE sushi... I am throwing that in there because I don't think I mentioned it before.

1. Last but not least... I LOVE a good party. I am not talking about those silly house parties we all threw in college. I mean the grand 300 person benefit, or specialty wine tasting at a vineyard type of party. I am a huge fan of giant social events where you only know at most 50% of the people there. In knowing this my parents gave me a Tower Club Membership at King Estate Winery in Oregon. Every 3 months they have a social event where they do a 12 type wine tasting complete with HD's. Every club member gets an allotment of 4 tickets which comes complimentary with your membership. At this party you are given 3 bottles of exclusive wines that in some cases are only sold to members of the club. ITS THE BEST! They also have 2-3 other events every month including crab festivals, christmas parties, bbq's, and one large fancy cocktail party every fall to celebrate the harvest. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! 

Photo of the grounds of king estate surrounded by the thousands of acres of land used to produce the wine!

Well... enough about me!! I have chosen the recipients of the stylish blogger award!!

Now this is a PROCESS... soooo... here are the first 6. I will post the next 9 a little later...



Holly said...

I love elephants too! And huge parties. I'm super jealous of your wine club membership! I love wine. And my friend has gotten me into sushi, though I'm not too experimental with it just yet. Loved learning more about you!

Pearls and Pears said...

Thanks! Wine club memberships are awesome!! I love them... I still have 10 more to pick... but I need to go back over my reader! LOL! Happy Valentines Day Holly!!

Thanks again for the award!

Pam said...

awww... thanks for thinking of me! :)

I just learned so much about you I felt like I didn't know before! Elephants are awesome, and party's are awesome-er. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!