Sunday, October 31, 2010

FLANNEL: by Guest Blogger Renata Lorraine of Desperately Seeking Starbucks

I miss dirt.

I miss dirt a LOT.

I miss it being socially acceptable to wear the same pair of shorts for a week, to brag about how long it's been since your last shower, to let a group of 7 year olds paint your nails with nail polish that had the consistency of cement. To be covered in mud and various allergens from your rain-or-shine hiking expedition with 10 twelve year olds.

To dress for comfort and practicality. 

This is a lot for me to say.  I've never been a tomboy, and sure, during my most insecure years I rocked the bulky hoodie with the rest of them, but ultimately I'm a straight-up girl, a lady who's embraced the pearls and heels, statement purses, and heated styling tools.

But on Flannel Fridays, I get to feel the sun on my face at the climbing tower, choke on the sand from the stables, and feel the sting of soot in my eye from Capture the Flag/Cook Out night. 

Who knew that putting on a shirt would be an act of magic?

Isn't she just fabulous?

My wonderful guest blogger!!

I recently posted a blog about what I am happy about in hopes that others would follow suit. And they did! I love my readers! :) I have one reader in particular who has a really wonderful blog entitled Desperately Seeking Starbucks. Her posts are so thoughtful and even though she has been through quite a bit recently she has such a spirit!

She commented on my happiness post the following:

"What am I happy for? I am thrilled to be back in my home state (minnesota!) for the weekend, so thankful my dad made it through a big surgery with flying colors, and so overjoyed to be wearing a giant flannel and denim leggings...comfiest outfit ever! And of course, thankful that you've posted again!"

I have chosen her as a guest blogger! I hope you all enjoy her as much as I do!! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ventures in Real Estate...

My friend Brian appraises real estate for a living and was asked to appraise this little beauty today.

No words. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I love fall...

and halloween too...

Just thought I would share some of my designs for the fall. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy for...

The changes we made this week to my store... it has never looked better!

 My relatives Bill and Chris coming into town on Saturday... 

A much needed shopping trip with Shanley on Sunday...

The movers coming to move the final load to our new offices on Monday... 

Things are on the up and up!

Hope you are all having a happy week!

Share with me what you are happy about... 
I will feature you as a guest blogger on my page next week! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Month in Pictures...

Here is a little grab bag of photos I have yet to share from the past month of events...

Here are pictures from Molly's last night in Eugene. One of my dad and I and one of Molly and my mom. This was taken at the Lucky Noodle... we were so sad to see her go! :( 

Here are pictures from Shanley and Michael's Wedding... FINALLY! It took me FOREVER to get these uploaded! :)
Some fun ones of Matt and I... and the "Prom" picture of my mom and dad... LOL

These are photos taken of our weekend in Bend. One of "The Girls" at The Loft in Bend (a super fun members only lounge... the Laughlin's hosted a fabulous weekend at Broken Top!), The top photo is a picture of the view from Black Butte Lodge where we stopped for dinner, Then 2 photos of Matt and I (one at the loft and one at black butte as the sun was setting)

Melissa's Birthday!! We celebrated at Sfizio after we volunteered at an event to benefit the Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum at the University of Oregon.

The Stanford Game!! What a game that was. The top is a picture of Matt and I tailgating and of course the bottom photo... a gorgeous view of Autzen Stadium from our seats! :)

I hope that in the next month I am better about posting photos so I don't have to do a silly recap! :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

For all my lovely readers with good taste in bobbles and bits...

MASSIVE Judith Ripka Sale at They are launching their new store within their website called "The Jewelry Box". 

Picked myself up a  canary fontaine ring for 35% off... it was going to save up and have it be a birthday present to myself in January... but I would rather celebrate early and save some dough! :)

Does that mean I have to tell people I am 27? 

I refuse. :) 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Looking forward to...

yoga class tonight...
 I only wish it was in a place like this. Not in a gym studio... wouldn't that be something??

I miss... COLORADO

All of you are well aware of how much I LOVE Eugene... and that I never want to leave the northwest... BUT every now and again I remember things from Boulder/colorado and it KILLS me!! So todays post is about all the fabulous things I miss and love in Colorado...

If anyone is out that direction... here are my suggestions! :)
My favorite Denver Restaurant is The Samba Room. Its a Cuban Restaurant and Bar. The food is unreal and they always have great live music.
Vail Village... I didn't do as much skiing in Colorado as I would have liked to. But on occasion when I needed an escape I used to drive up to Vail for the day as it was a little over 2 hours away. So pretty in the Summer or Winter!
PEARL ST in Boulder!!! It was the "go to" spot for everything! Great restaurants, great bars, great shops. 

The St Julien Hotel and Spa. When My mom would come to town she would stay here for a special treat and we would get massages, pedecures, room service, the whole shebang! A really amazing hotel!

Last but not least... my favorite Boulder restaurant... Brasserie Ten Ten. So delicious!! 

Anyway... that was my little dedication to my college town... I am hoping I can swing a trip out there soon!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Ideal Situation

Matt was living with 2 other twenty something males, but was really thinking that he was ready to grow up a little bit and move out of the "frat" situation. Which I really didn't think wasn't that bad. I mean sure none of them knew how to clean a bathroom, they would go a few days without taking out the trash, and there were more empty beer bottles on the counter than in the fridge. I always figured thats how men lived until they either moved in with a female or till around 30 when they discover clorox products. 

Anyway, a really good apartment became available in my office building which is a historic building in downtown eugene! These apartments are walking distance to everything! They are also about 700 square feet have cute claw foot bath tubs, large living rooms, just really all and all are pretty ideal. So he checked it out and moved in last friday. 

We both get off at 5 o'clock and I can either go upstairs and cook with him, or we hoof it to one of the FABULOUS restaurants within 2 blocks from here. Its pretty much awesome. He pops in to say hi if he ever has a day off. Talk about a nice surprise!

Its also great for work! We spend most of our time hanging out at his place now because I live WAY uptown. A lot of times I get customers that want to pop in when the store is closed and its a lot more convenient for me to just jet downstairs and wait on them than for me to try and arrange a time when we will both be downtown. 

Anyway... i thought that I would share that little development... pretty fantastic!!!