Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I miss... COLORADO

All of you are well aware of how much I LOVE Eugene... and that I never want to leave the northwest... BUT every now and again I remember things from Boulder/colorado and it KILLS me!! So todays post is about all the fabulous things I miss and love in Colorado...

If anyone is out that direction... here are my suggestions! :)
My favorite Denver Restaurant is The Samba Room. Its a Cuban Restaurant and Bar. The food is unreal and they always have great live music.
Vail Village... I didn't do as much skiing in Colorado as I would have liked to. But on occasion when I needed an escape I used to drive up to Vail for the day as it was a little over 2 hours away. So pretty in the Summer or Winter!
PEARL ST in Boulder!!! It was the "go to" spot for everything! Great restaurants, great bars, great shops. 

The St Julien Hotel and Spa. When My mom would come to town she would stay here for a special treat and we would get massages, pedecures, room service, the whole shebang! A really amazing hotel!

Last but not least... my favorite Boulder restaurant... Brasserie Ten Ten. So delicious!! 

Anyway... that was my little dedication to my college town... I am hoping I can swing a trip out there soon!!

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Anonymous said...

um this looks like perfection! i am jealous.

i always hear how amazing boulder is when people visit san diego from there, and i really must head up there.

love your blog!