Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Black Butte Pictures!

Here are some photos from last weekend! We had the BEST time!! Keep in mind... I AM WEARING ZERO MAKE UP!  The only bummer was that it rained on saturday... but when you live in Oregon, you can't really count on any kind of good weather! I cant wait to go back to black butte. I am hoping that we can plan a trip in the winter for when it snows! Or on the fall during an away game for the duckies! Here are the pictures... 
Melissa Kate and I on the porch sporting our AWESOME new sweatshirts...

These were our appetizers the first night... which ended up being dinner because we were NOT hungry after polishing off this spread!

Ryan "Sol- daddy" Solin... and princess kate!! 

Kate trying to steal my nose...

Melissa made S'mores! I can't complain about S'mores 2 weekends in a row!! Yumm!!

Never play monopoly with a couple in which one is an investor and the other a real estate broker... Ryan and Melissa killed me!

Part of a balanced breakfast! 

well... I TRIED to read Kate "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie". She ended up taking the book away after 4 pages and instead tried to eat the book...

That was the weekend!! We had a BLAST!! 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Winners...

I have picked the lovely lady bloggers that will be the recipients of the "Cherry on Top" Award!!

1. Mrs Whitney Duvall of WITH LOVE from oregon: who is my friend in real life... and one of the 2 bloggers I know in real life... I THINK (I think some people keep their blogging quiet). Rob Mosely... if you are reading this... I don't count you as a blogger because you have to do it for work and I prefer to read you in print in my sports section every morning. :)

2. NYC Island Gal :your blog is precious and I go to NYC for work for 3 weeks a year and the fact you live their year round is something both fabulous and bewildering... not sure a small town gal like me could handle it!!

3. Bater!! The incredible Kate Faux :A sorority sister of mine (yeah Theta!) and the other blogger I know in real life and LOVE! I miss you every day lady and you put the cherry on top of my day with all your hilarious posts!!

4. Relatively Reagen : It's all cupcakes and college football with you... throw some booze in there and we would be kindred spirits...

last but certainly not least...

5. Krysten of After I do's: Cute blog from a pro! She also writes for the Milwaukee Examiner.

So to all of you lovely recipients... claim your lovely prize (ie copy and past the image on your blog), and if you could all be darlings and pass it on to 5 blogs that brighten up your day that would be wonderful... or dont. I mean its really fine either way...

...But enjoy the award!

And everyone else... check out these cutie pie blogs!

I was given an Award!

It is my first award so I am PRETTY excited about it. It was given to me by Lindsey of Lindsey Love... check out her cute blog! It called the "Cherry on Top" award! Now I have the fabulous duty of giving it to 5 other bloggers... I am going to have to think about this one... there are so many to choose from!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back at the Ranch

So I am BACK at Black Butte because I really just can't get enough! :) I came with my friends Ryan and Melissa Solin and they brought their baby, Kate. Who has red hair and is actually the cutest! We went shopping the first morning we were here in Sisters, which is always fun. Lots of cute knick knacks... and of course stopped into sisters bakery... which is actually the most amazing bakery ever (this is a crappy photo... but you get the idea)!!
If you are vacationing in the area or driving through Sisters at any point stop here for something really amazing...

We have been laying by the pool, golfing, and drinking a LOT of wine!! We are here till tomorrow and I know I am going to go through round two of what I like to call... I don't want to leave... therefor I am going to have a tiny 26 year old temper tantrum. It happens whenever I have had a really good time on vacation... Oh well! It means I am having fun right?? 

Melissa just made me a mimosa! So its time to go! :)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ahhh... thats much better!

Blog fixed... till I mess with it again... :) 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am aware my blog looks terrible...

I am aware of how odd that my blog looks right now... There is just a LITTLE too much going on! I got into a bit of trouble with the new "template designer"... and now I need to change it, but I don't have time... sigh...

... I promise to change it soon!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Black Butte Ranch

This weekend my squeeze and I went away for the weekend. We went to Black Butte for 2 days and it was quite fabulous. My only complaint was that I NEVER took a single photo... which is annoying, especially now since I am blogging and now have to use internet generated photos to go along with my post. Like this gorgeous little number of Big Meadow Golf Course...
ANYWAY... in a 48 hour period we had 2 romantic dinners, hiked both Black Butte and the Tumalo falls trail (in the same day! I think it added up to 8 miles), Played 9 holes at Big Meadow Golf Course, Toured the Deschutes Brewing Company, went for a long bike ride, shopped, toured bend, and hung out at the Deschutes pub house. It was quite a fun filled couple of days.

We had the BEST time... by the end of the trip my mouth almost hurt from laughing.

One morning we had S'mores for breakfast... his beyond brilliant idea... Love it.

I mean... If this was on the menu for breakfast...
why not? :)

What a moron...

This idiot from Fox TV in Eugene has been trying to sell me commercials for 2 weeks... He managed to get a meeting with me because he called one morning before I had my coffee. I hung up the phone and immediately thought "What the hell did you just do?? Now you are never going to get rid of him".

So today was the meeting and in my Zen of creating new displays and photographing our products for the fall line I remembered he was coming in. UGH! I called him to cancel because I figured if I was trying to sell something and I would rather get a call canceling the meeting rather than waste my time coming to a meeting that was only going to result in a big fat NO!

When I called to tell him that commercials "just weren't our thing"... he responded "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize that not making buckets of money and continuing to not reach people in mass quantities was your THING". I hung up on him. Someone needs to work on their people skills...
A word to the wise for all of you who are in sales... you catch more bees with honey...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mr and Mrs McBride

Last Saturday my friend Ashley married her longtime love Ryan. The whole wedding was just so "her"... she is someone who does everything her way! The catering was gourmet pizza and caesar salad because she had dieted for 8 months and that is ALL she wanted! Instead of a wedding cake she had shortbread cookies and FILLED cupcakes - which were unreal! Instead of a large long table for her and her wedding party it was "seat yourself" and then there was a small table off near the river for just her and ryan lit by candle light. My favorite part of the whole wedding was that after dinner... she went upstairs and changed into her "party" dress. She loves to dance and hated the idea of dancing in a big gown. She is the cutest!!! The wedding was absolutely lovely! Such a wonderful celebration with family and friends... I hope that (in a million years) when I finally tie the knot, I can make my day as special and individual as hers was!

First time anyone has photographed me dancing where I don't look like I have some kind of a physical disability... Probably because I was just bobbing and clapping :)
Rob, Lynne, and I (Rob and Lynne are getting hitched next summer in NYC!)
Ashley and her dad
Congratulations Ashley and Ryan!!!! Beautiful couple!!!