Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Toys...

Ok so I have to do a post that is silly and not about the challenge.... Let me preface this by saying that I have completely fallen off the wagon and am now in full on shopping mode again. However... right before lent I gave up diet coke for my health as I heard it is bad for you in copious amounts so no more DC for me. As I result I am being pathetic and using that as my lenten sacrifice. My mother is convinced I should no longer be allowed to celebrate easter... Regardless...here are my most recent purchases...

These posts are always SO fun!

Lets start with the big one! I bought a new laptop because on my old macbook both usb ports were broken, the CD rom didn't work, and the keyboard was shorting out... So it was time for an upgrade!
The 11' Macbook Air. I AM LOVING IT!! :)

A monogrammed iphone case... this one actually set me off my lent track to begin with. My dear friend Caroline posted the link to these on my facebook wall and I bought one like 4 days later. Like daninotes wouldn't be there after Easter? Anyway! I LOVE IT!! Check them out on etsy!

Cricut Cake Mini: Ok... this was a stupid purchase. I already have a cricut... and somehow because they are 50% off right now that somehow justifies me wanting to decorate cakes? I AM ON A DIET. Who is getting all of these ornately decorated desserts that I am making? 

UGH... but I do have to say the idea of having the capability of making this...

or these cuties...

...was enough for me to spend the money on the machine... oh well... If UCONN wins in the NCAA national Championship. I win exactly enough money to pay for it. So lets hope they do. I will make little basketball cupcakes for everyone!

I also bought these for my fridge... because they made me happy...

I mean hellooooo! Bumble Bee magnets? So cute and cheerful! and at $1.50 a piece... had to have them!!

Thats all for me tonight! Sweet Dreams!

Day 7: today I am thankful for TRADER JOES!!

Oh man... how much do I love this store!?? Its amazing.. work is insane right now... which means my cooking has gotten a little lazy. Aka I have been hitting the frozen food section at trader joes HARD!

But guess what? A combination of eating their food and working out my normal 4-5 days a week has caused me to loose 5 pounds in the last 10 days or so! Whoop!

So today I am thankful for Trader Joes...
FAVORITE! and amazingly only 140 calories per serving!


Love you!

One of these days I need to do a post on something other than this challenge... but we are at the half way point! So way to go to all the bloggers doing the challenge!!

Day 6: Today I am thankful for...

I love all of our new stuff at the store!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 5: I am thankful that I come from good stock...

Today I visited my 82 year old grandfather and we watched part of the Planet Earth series on Deep Oceans. We discussed him growing up in Hawaii and his childhood living in such a neat area. He lived around the corner from what is now the protected park of Hanauma Bay. He had so many fun stories of when he grew up and then of course watching pearl harbor being attacked from a hillside at the age of 13.

Hanauma Bay- Oahu, Hawaii

I brought him cookies... and he loved them. :)

Megan's Rules for good living!

1. Life is hard... Buy yourself presents.

2. Never feel guilty for killing your houseplant

3. There is no better pick me up than chocolate and a trip to the Zoo. 

4. It's ok to get lost... Sometimes it's  the only way to find yourself. But bring a compass and a cell phone just in case.

5. Marvel at the beauty of the world

6. Live in the present

7. love like there is no tomorrow

8.Trust like there was no yesterday. 

9. Do not hang on to the unhealthy... Friendships end, people break up, sometimes it's just over. Let go, pick up, and start over. But most of all never look back. 

10. Happiness isn't a matter of luck or circumstance. Its a way of living and a choice you can make for yourself. 

11. Don't keep bad memories. 

12. Work out, but not on vacation

13. Eat healthy, 95% of the time. When you do pig out... Make it a 5 star restaurant. 

14. Develop your own style... Forget the trendy... unless the trendy is your style- then go you!

15. Never buy anything on sale that wouldn't pay full price for. 

16. Develop a bad day plan... When life gives you lemons you might need a recipe on hand for that lemonade. 

17. There is no education like the education you get from international travel. 

18. Do things that make you proud of yourself. Forgive yourself for mistakes you have made.

19. Love your family... Even when they are annoying you. 

20. It's ok to ignore your friends when you need a break. It doesn't make you a bad friend... It makes you a healthy one. 

21. When it comes to conflict- make sure winning the argument is worth the fight... which most of the time it wont be... Its ok to let it go (even if you know you are 100% right)

22. Every once and a while sit back and make a mental list of all the things in your life that you are thankful for.  

23. Helping a friend when they are going through an unhealthy time is admirable... Just make sure that they don't make you sick before you can make them better. 

24. If you only have time to make your bed OR do the dishes... Do the dishes. 

25. Soak it all in! life is short make it as sweet as possible. Love, live, and find your bliss... 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rules for Life (and Day 4: Tiny Miracles)

So part of being in your 20s is developing how you want to live your life. So I have decided to write 25 rules for my life... As soon as I complete them I will post them... they are rules for yourself, pieces of advice, things you have learned over the years, etc.
Love her...

As if I needed another challenge...but by nature I am a writer and I think that this would be a therapeutic outlet for me... I want it to be fun and silly... but an example of the way I want my life to be. So thats on its way...

Day 4 of the Blessings Challenge...

Today I am thankful for Tiny Miracles...

By tiny miracles I mean one very small "bean" in particular. My friend Whitney was so blessed to find out that she was pregnant last December and yesterday she found out that she will be having a boy! I am so happy for her and I know that they would have been happy with a boy or a girl... but I think they were hoping for a boy.

About a week ago after reading her blog about the little things she has been doing to prep for the new baby I actually had a dream that she was going to have a boy. Which to me is crazy, but I hear about that kind of thing all of the time.

Whitney is a devoted and loving wife who for the last 3 years has put her husband through Law School and her light at the end of the tunnel has been her plan to be a stay at home mom and have babies. Her dream is coming true...

So today I am thankful for tiny miracles...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 3: Today I am thankful for Crosby, Stills, and Nash :) I mean who wouldn't be?

They supplied me my favorite morning jam on the way to work- "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes". One of the stereotypes of being a northwestern girl... is a deep and profound love of classic rock and hippy rock... 

This is one stereotype I majorly fall in to! I am the product of two people who grew up in San Francisco in the 60's and 70's... not to mention the fact i live in EUGENE, OREGON... Cleverly called Land Lost in time... Home of Ken Kesey and favorite of Jerry Garcia. I mean how can you not like Jerry... all he ever sang about was rainbows and sunshine... 

But back to CSN... Love em!

Fun Fact: Stephen Stills wrote the song for Judy Collins... Darling. 

It was a fabulous start to my day!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 2: Today I am thankful for the gym...

Because sometimes you need a place to get away from it all!

For me... right now... its the downtown athletic club!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 1: Today I am thankful for my mother...

Here we go! Day 1!!!

Today I am thankful for my mother. I know that seems like a pretty obvious one... But this morning I was reminded that it doesn't matter how old you are, enjoying a conversation over coffee with mom is always fabulous. 

My adorable parents... They are so funny. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Little Challenge

Ok I talked it up earlier today... now here it is! :) 

The Count Your Blessings Challenge!!

Here is how it works:

2 weeks... 14 blessings. Post one thing you are thankful for once a day on your blog for 14 days and receive your award! While easter is coming up, this is not a challenge based on religion... just a way of reminding yourself all that you can be grateful for. 

Here is a picture of the blog award:

I will be doing this challenge with you! I am going to put the rules and post the URL for the award on its own page. When you complete the challenge let me know. I will be posting all the bloggers who have completed the challenge to give you all a little extra press and to also to encourage others to do the challenge as well!

This is not just an awesome way to get a fun blog award... but also a great way to remind yourself how wonderful life is! So I will be starting tomorrow with day 1 of what I am thankful for!

Goodnight everyone!

Megan's Picks: March

Here are my picks for march!!!

1. Do it yourself photography: a reunited love

Because I am not supposed to be shopping I have taken up an old friend... DIY photography. I take all the photographs for work and all of my girlfriends are constantly taking pictures so my love of photography has gone by the wayside. It has been really unfortunate that this has happened so I have taken it up again as an outlet to being stressed and as a fun activity on the weekend.

2. Antipasto bars at gourmet foods markets:

I used to hate them... they are always in an area of the grocery store that has delish food and because if it, instead of smelling roast chicken and vegetables... all you smell is olives!!! However I do have to say that I had quite a fun time at the antipasto bar this week because I was making lasagna for Mr Matthew and I went through to get some goodies to chop up and put in my lasagna such as marinated artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, roast red pepper, roast garlic, YUMMMM!!! I also had leftovers from my trip through that I have been putting in my egg whites every morning. Such a treat!

3. Girls Night In:

I had some of my girlfriends over to my house last weekend for wine and appetizers and we had a blast! We usually do girls nights out and the problem with them is that people get tired, its loud, and can be really expensive! So I just had a group over on a friday night and dubbed the dress code: YOGA PANTS!

I made empenadas w/ mashed avocado and a nice cheese and cracker spread. It was well appreciated and the gals brought wine and dessert. It was fun to just be in my living room hanging out not having to worry about who is going to drive, the cost, getting gussied up (which dont get me wrong! I love that... its just a nice difference). Just all of us hanging out all comfy!

4.Godiva coffee:
Fabulous for chocolate lovers! Its fantastic and seriously cuts down on the calories. Which with bikini season coming up is CLUTCH!

Speaking of which...

5. My new bikinis from Victoria's Secret

I don't look quite this good in them yet. :) but MAYBE someday?? probably not. However - I will be bikini ready for my up and coming trips... If I just keep doing what I am doing!

6. Budweiser select 55

AMAZING beer!! Its only 55 calories for 12 ounces and totally refreshing. I am so glad I have found an alcoholic bev that I don't have to feel guilty for... other than vodka soda... which is my other drink of choice. 

7. Henri Bendel:
This cracks me up... I know this feeling... I get it every year I go to New York and go into Henri Bendel on 5th avenue (across from Trump Tower! Love it!)

Christmas Wreath...LOVE
Alright... I am not shopping right now(theoretically)... BUT! Henri Bendel is my light at the end of the tunnel! That store is amazing. All accessories and those of which you cant find anywhere else! I am obsessed... I visit the store whenever I am in New York... but they are online! So check it out. its amazing.

8. Focusing on blessings... all the little joys. 

I have been feeling beyond blessed for my amazing life. I recently took on the project of replacing all the photographs in my apartment with some new ones. I also bought some new frames to put more recent photos in and in doing so I have put into focus what I am thankful for. Photos of my family, all my traveling, my job, my boyfriend, my great friends. Its very cool to feel so fulfilled from something so small! 

So because of this... I have decided to propose a new challenge for my "bloggy" readers that I will announce a little later today... I will be giving an award (badge) to everyone who completes it to post on your blog if you choose to do so! Its going to be fun and fulfilling... I figured it would be a great way to start of spring! It will be called the "Count Your Blessings Challenge" and I will be doing it with you! 

I will be creating the badge this afternoon as well as the stipulations of the challenge! So check back with me a little later!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The time I kissed an Italian on St. Patrick's Day...

A little over a year ago I was introduced to a very nice blonde italian man (which if any of you have met a blonde italian... you know that they are the best! hahaha ). We talked all night and hit it off quite well... A few weeks later I ran into him again at a bar St. Patrick's Day.  We were drinking green beer and listening to a local irish band (pretty much a cover band of flogging molly and The Dropkick Murphy's). He leaned in and kissed me right there at the bar... Things have been pretty much awesome ever since... 

So on the eve of St. Paddy's Day I am encouraging all the single girls to go get kissed tomorrow night 
... you never know where it is going to take you!

If you are taken... then plant a big one on your darling and in true irish tradition... 
remember how LUCKY you are!!

Whether single or taken... I highly recommend this cocktail!
The Irish Kiss

 2 pts Irish Whisky
1/2 part irish mist
1 part heavy cream
chocolate syrup (as much as you desire)
Chocolate shavings

Put all ingredients in a shaker 3/4 of the way full with ice... and shake shake shake. 
Pour into a chilled martini glass and garnish with chocolate shavings. 

So I hope everyone has a safe, happy and VERY lucky...

St. Paddy's Day!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Great Outdoors... and Indoors!

Last weekend Matt and I went hiking and I would like to share the gorgeous view of the river valley in which we live...

These were taken at Spencer's Butte... the highest peak in eugene with a 360 degree view of the valley. I didn't take a photo of downtown... mostly because we stuck to the south side of the peak... it was quieter over there...

So glad I get to live here...

 So pretty!
And save the best for last... 
He is so awesome about putting up with my picture taking- he hates taking photos. Especially since I refused to have my photo taken because I was not looking so hot!

I have also been working on sprucing up my house!
(I apologize for the terrible photography! iphone photos!)

New blue chair, and new monogrammed coffee-table cloth (which are impractical unless you put a glass top on it... which I did! :) )
if there is one thing I hate its blank walls... I recently added this vintage travel poster of Japan to a wall in my bedroom...
My fabulous new headboard!! I just love it... also in the back my wall monogram. We carry them at my shop and are quite the hot ticket items!
Spruced up bedside table with vintage breakfast at tiffany print, new photo and frame of Matt and I, and the coral vase of faux blue and white polka dot Gerber Dasies...

I just love it...

Thats all for today!! I hope you are all having a fabulous day!!