Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I woke up this morning feeling ambitious...

I don't know why, but I woke up feeling like I could tackle a big project. 

I think it might have something to do with the fact that today is the day that I begin work on launching a small online store on the amazon marketplace of the goods we manufacture. Right now we just have the "window shopping" website that we have had for a few years for out retail shops that carry our product. We are gradually changing that into a full e-commerce page. Given the fact that I am a little impatient when it comes to our company (which might be my new years resolution for next year :) ), I have decided that I want people to be able to buy our goods now! So that is todays project...

I have also created some new pillows over the past few weeks... let me share...
(I am going to include the sizes because photos can be misleading when it comes to size)

This was a custom crib pillow I just completed for a gal who just had a baby. 
(15x8 crib pillow- not including the ruffle which adds 6 inches to the length and width)
I am trying to figure out a way for people to order custom pillows online without it costing me my first born child... if anyone has any ideas as to how to have a custom website without spending a ton of money- Let me know! 

"I Heart Oregon"
(5x7 hanging door pillow)

 "let them eat cake"... This one is my favorite!! Its hanging on the front door of my apartment. 
(5x7 hanging door pillow)

Our newest edition to the initial line! I love these and they can come in a full monogram.
(11x11 throw pillow)

Inspired by the cloudy weather... hahaha... just waiting for that sunshine! 
(14x14 throw pillow)

Anyway... I was so inspired after New York that I have some great other pillows coming out soon too. Since I am really dialed in at work today I figured I would take a break and share it with you! 


Ashley said...

these are beautiful!! I'm so jealous that you have such a fabulous embroidery machine! =) I LOVE the monogram one!
Have you considered maybe etsy? I don't know if it costs anything to be a part of that website to sell? Sorry I am not much help!

Megan said...

Well... I have looked at etsy, but I am not sure we qualify because our stuff is a manufactured, not handmade. Everything is made on industrial equipment... even though it is still a small operation. I would love to be on etsy as it is totally our demographic of shoppers. I shop there all the time!

You should think about putting your etched glasses on etsy! They are so cute! Also I forgot to tell you that you totally inspired me to buy a cricut machine and I LOVE IT!!

Renata said...


I've basically lusted after every pillow you've shown us on here!

Megan said...

well thank you! If you ever want one let me know! I can totally drop ship it to you!