About Me

Hello All!

My name is Megan and I live in the lovely small-ish city of Eugene, OR. I started this blog last New Years as part of my new years resolution to start something new... the other was to be more financially responsible when it comes it purchases I don't necessarily need (ie designer jeans! I have 10 pair and I wear half of them... what a waste!). However... This one has been much more successful. Shocker...

(photo taken at The 21 Club in NYC)

Instead of going on and on in paragraph form... let me break down what you should know about me in list form... sort of a "Fun Facts about Miss Megan!"

1. I grew up in Eugene, OR but lived in Boulder, Colorado for 6 years and attended the University of Colorado at Boulder. 

2. I co-own a retail store in downtown Eugene specializing in monogrammed and personalized gifts! Its called Pillow Talk (online shopping- COMING SOON!). 

3. I also co-own a wholesale business specializing in custom and stock design home decor... it is ALSO called Pillow Talk. (its basically one big company with 2 different sides... which gets complicated as we DO NOT have a lot of employees)

4. I played golf at CU and despite the fact that I went there and was an athlete (for a brief amount of time)... I am a Duck fan... I guess you can take the girl out of Oregon, but you can't take Oregon out of the girl!

5. I am in part a city girl... My entire family is from San Francisco and I kind of see it as somewhat of a "home away from home".

6. I TRAVEL A LOT! Last year I went to LA 3 times, San Francisco 4 times, Carmel CA twice, Seattle, New York, Nice FR, Salzburg, Prague, and Lake Como (granted the last 4 was really one big trip). Some was for work... but a lot of it was for fun too!

7. I am a coffee addict! I eat SUPER healthy when I am not on vacation except for one thing... I have to have a cinnamon mocha every morning...

8. My preferred social event is a tie between cocktail parties and sporting events (I LOVE DUCK FOOTBALL!!)

9. I LOVE the great outdoors! I hike, bike, camp... you name it!

10. I try to live as stress free as possible... running your own business can seriously get in the way of that... but I work at it!

11. I LOVE YOGA- but I haven't been to a class in over a year! I don't know why... but I think I may have found my next new years resolution.

12. I love to cook!

13. I love design... ie a major part of my job! :)

14. I REALLY wish I knew how to sew!