Thursday, June 30, 2011


Today my boyfriend is officially a resident of Oregon!!! 

Punch Bowl Falls, Hood River OR

The Rogue, Grants Pass OR

A wise decision... by clearly a very smart man! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mr and Mrs Moseley... Wedding weekend in NY!

Rob and Lynne Moseley
June 25th, 2011
Syracuse, NY

Sorry for the leave of absence folks! I have been all over the place... literally! I just got home from a 5 day adventure all over New England! I flew into Washington DC to visit my friends Ashley and Ryan Mcbride! You remember them from their wedding! My friend Kayla was there for the same trip and then after a fabulous visit we drove to Syracuse!! Our friend, Shauna then met us in New York (I really need a cast of characters page for my blog so everyone can put a face to a name). The wedding was fantastic! They are such a wonderful couple!

Road Trip!! 
Kayla, Ashley, and I crossing the boarder to NY!!

Time out for cuteness... this is Penny, Ashley's dog

Back to the trip...

The Rehearsal Dinner
Me, Lynne's mom Judy, The Bride, and Kayla
Really bad photo of me... Humidity and I are not friends!

The beautiful couple!!

Who wouldn't want to get married here??

Lynne and her dad walking down the aisle... 

hahaha... love that look on her face when he put the ring on her finger!

Its official!!

First Dance

All the Oregon Girls!
(Jessica, ME!, Shauna, Ashley, Barbie, and Kayla)

The McBrides... Love em!! 
and they are expecting a bambino in December!!

Love the smell of cigars... but I am pretty sure I would have
been seriously queasy had I actually smoked it considering how many 
Kettle One and grapefruits I had that night!!

Perhaps the most epic hangover breakfast ever...

Needless to say I hit the gym hard when I got home!! :)

Thats all for now!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today was a GREAT day!!

It really was... but I especially felt the need to post that after going so long without blogging and having my last post be a bit on the downer side.

Tomorrow I am off to Washington DC and then I am in Syracuse on Friday! I have so much to catch you up on OTHER than that! Maybe I will have some time on my layover in Chicago...

Time to get packing!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm having a rough day...

If tomorrow isn't better, I am driving to the beach and buying the biggest mocha I can find! hahaha. 

Here's hoping all of you are having a more fabulous day then I am! 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Girls Rodeo Weekend!

Hi all! I just got back yesterday from Black Butte where I and 6 of my girlfriends went over for a ladies weekend! We laid by the pool, drank gray-hounds, had spa appointments, etc. But the main reason we went over there was to go to the Sisters Rodeo! It was a Hoot!!!

Here are some photos from my trip:

The gals at the lodge
Megan (me :) ), Vanessa, Shanley, Kimberly, Melissa, Annie, and Lindsey 

By the lake...

Shanley and her amazing sweatshirt...

Lindsey ready for the Rodeo!


Shanley, Vanessa, and Melissa watching the bull riding

The Rodeo Queen

Shanley well equipped with her new flask...

Me, Shanley, and Annie with the Rodeo Princesses

On our way to get in the Bar line...

Annie trying to get Melissa's boot off! Hilarious!!

The magically shrinking coconut cake!

This is hilarious... all of this was procured at my shop 

Amazing weekend!! I cant wait to go next year!!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


After 11 years of driving... I finally have taken a good picture...

(I edited out all my info- duh- and the hologram on the picture makes it look like I have a lazy eye...but it doesn't on the license!)

Whoop! The ironic thing is I went unshowered with little to no makeup and was terrified when they told me I had to retake my ID picture!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Duchess, the D-Bag, and my own deprivation...

This should be titled Megan's Tuesday Banter... but the alliteration is far too much fun...

OK... so... let me start off by saying that I am well aware that I have been slacking on "Megan's Picks". I haven't done it in a few months, but I plan on doing a big one in June... So watch out for that because there is a lot that I am loving right now and I think I might have to make this one a big one to make up for the last few months.

So let me address my alliteration starting with #1: 

The Duchess

Where is she?
I am going to need some photos pronto of what is going on in England because I live and breathe by her wardrobe... and I am going through withdrawals. I am not normally someone who is a real avid US Weekly reader... but put her in a new frock walking out for Fortnum and Mason on the cover and I will sign up for a subscription...

I need a little wardrobe inspiration right now and I as much as I love Rachel Zoe... her style is too boho for me... 

moving on...
The D-Bag

Who has been watching the Bachelorette??

I am not even close to being a man hater. Love my father, love my boyfriend, but give me a break. Who is this guy?? I get that he wants to go on the show to promote his business. That, I forgive him for... he wouldn't be the first person to go on the show for the wrong reasons. However, the things that he was saying about Ashley on national television were down right cruel. Screwing with her head for fun, saying things that were so out in left field about how he felt about her, its like he did it for his own amusement. I get that its a TV show... but that was no fancy editing. 

What a sociopath!!!

Now for something really rough...

Oh man... The thing I said I would never do in a million years, I have decided to actually do. I waited till I was a little bit into the process before I wrote about it to make sure it was something I was actually going to try and accomplish...


I dont know how I have managed to go this long, but I am on day 12 and I haven't broken yet! To ease this rough period I have swapped out my Starbucks for a mocha flavored protein shake in the morning and one in the afternoon. The first 5 days were really hard. I had really bad caffeine headaches and It was weird adjusting to not having that jolt on my way to work. However, after the first 5 days, I was sleeping better, I found that my stress level was actually going down, I don't ever feel sluggish in the afternoon, and I have more energy after work than I did before. 

I have to say, I feel great!


Enough ramblings... thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Megan's Salmon Puffs

Today I would like to share a recipe! I am making this recipe on Saturday for my friend, Vanessa's baby shower. They are quick, easy, and are a total of 4 ingredients...

Megan's Salmon Puffs


8 ounces of smoked salmon
16 ounces of whipped cream cheese
2 sheets of puff pastry (1 box)
Fresh dill


Thaw puff pastry in refrigerator overnight. Cut up puff pastry into 1 inch squares. Lay onto a cookie sheet and bake at 400 for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown (note- this is for Pepperage farm puff pastry... if you go with another brand just follow their instructions on the box). Let cool.

Meanwhile in a food processor whip the salmon and cream cheese until very smooth- you want as close to a mousse texture as possible, though it will be heavier. Scoop the salmon mixture into a pastry bag with a wide pastry tip (the wider the better to prevent clogging, you can use any kind of style tip... in the photo I used a basic circle, but a star or a flower would be very pretty!)

As soon as the pastry puffs have cooled "frost" the pastry puffs with the salmon dip, add a small sprig of fresh dill as a garnish and voila! You have an easy and elegant appetizer! not to mention these aren't too horrible on the waist line if you eat them in moderation! 

Bon Appetite!

Hand Update:
It looks really ugly... but It feels much better. Thanks everyone for the kind words yesterday!! :) 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Funny Bone...

So my job can be challenging (not Pearls and Pears, thats a side business. I mean Pillow Talk)... but most of the time it is just a lot of fun. Like any other job it has its ups and downs... today I have had both.

The upside- we picked up 2 new lines, I finished all the monogramming before 10AM, and the new retail website is ahead of schedule!!!!!


The downside- I might have broken my hand this morning... I keep all of my embroidery tools in a giant lilly pulitzer tumbler (I am a girl... what do you expect??). I was looking for something on the floor below where I keep all my tools. The tumbler tipped over and the biggest wrench in the bunch landed on my hand. OUCH!


Its funnyin an ironic sort of way... because I have never broken a bone in my whole life. I played sports, I ran around as a kid climbing on everything, even survived 4+ years at the #1 Party school in the united states,  and here I am in one of the girliest industries, Loved by grandmothers and housewives alike... and I break my hand!


So in honor of this ridiculous day and my very funny, ridiculous, and always eventful job... 

Here are some hilarious pillows that I have found... because being in pillow manufacturing business isn't always so "Fluffy". 

for the scrabble fan...

the chinese food enthusiast...

This is only funny if you love the move "The Godfather"... which I do... so I think this pillow is HILARIOUS!

For the Social (network) butterfly..

For the Lonely girl... aka "the boyfriend pillow"

For those obsessed with their iphone/ipad... 

When you want to be camping...

Motivational... I could actually use this pillow!

Sushi lovers...

Hope these ridiculous bits of home decor have brought you all a laugh! 

Time to go ice the hand...