Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Duchess, the D-Bag, and my own deprivation...

This should be titled Megan's Tuesday Banter... but the alliteration is far too much fun...

OK... so... let me start off by saying that I am well aware that I have been slacking on "Megan's Picks". I haven't done it in a few months, but I plan on doing a big one in June... So watch out for that because there is a lot that I am loving right now and I think I might have to make this one a big one to make up for the last few months.

So let me address my alliteration starting with #1: 

The Duchess

Where is she?
I am going to need some photos pronto of what is going on in England because I live and breathe by her wardrobe... and I am going through withdrawals. I am not normally someone who is a real avid US Weekly reader... but put her in a new frock walking out for Fortnum and Mason on the cover and I will sign up for a subscription...

I need a little wardrobe inspiration right now and I as much as I love Rachel Zoe... her style is too boho for me... 

moving on...
The D-Bag

Who has been watching the Bachelorette??

I am not even close to being a man hater. Love my father, love my boyfriend, but give me a break. Who is this guy?? I get that he wants to go on the show to promote his business. That, I forgive him for... he wouldn't be the first person to go on the show for the wrong reasons. However, the things that he was saying about Ashley on national television were down right cruel. Screwing with her head for fun, saying things that were so out in left field about how he felt about her, its like he did it for his own amusement. I get that its a TV show... but that was no fancy editing. 

What a sociopath!!!

Now for something really rough...

Oh man... The thing I said I would never do in a million years, I have decided to actually do. I waited till I was a little bit into the process before I wrote about it to make sure it was something I was actually going to try and accomplish...


I dont know how I have managed to go this long, but I am on day 12 and I haven't broken yet! To ease this rough period I have swapped out my Starbucks for a mocha flavored protein shake in the morning and one in the afternoon. The first 5 days were really hard. I had really bad caffeine headaches and It was weird adjusting to not having that jolt on my way to work. However, after the first 5 days, I was sleeping better, I found that my stress level was actually going down, I don't ever feel sluggish in the afternoon, and I have more energy after work than I did before. 

I have to say, I feel great!


Enough ramblings... thanks for reading!


I'm Jenn said...

haha aw this made me REALLY HAPPY! I was so glad to see Bentley go. I can't believe what a liar he turned out to be and a jerk too! I'm with you. And as for the coffee- I've totally been not drinking as much anymore too and it definitely has made a huge difference! :) xo

Raquel said...

Gahh i love Kate!! She is just so perfect looking. Like not even kidding. Her wardrobe is AMAZING, her hair is fabulous (i really want it!!), and she is just absolutely gorgeous!

Pearls and Pears said...

She is fabulous! Which is why I am bummed that we haven't seen or heard anything about her since the wedding! :(

Hang in there with the coffee!! Its so rough to start... but it is so worth it! I feel amazing!!

Voe said...

Hi, I love your blog! I am from England, it's been a bit quiet because Kate and Will were on their honey moon. But, she was recently in the news over here because she was wearing a white jacket and skirt to the races. I found an article for you:


I love her too!

All the best,

NeuroticLover said...

We all love Kate! But she's clearly busy adjusting to things. Ya know, now that she's royalty. Oh, and married! :)

You gave up coffee?! I should give up coffee... You might have just inspired me!

Pearls and Pears said...

Thanks Voe! I needed a little Kate fashion fix!! I am jealous that you are from England! My aunt lives in London and I haven't been over to see her in years! I am going to have to get back there soon! Its amazing over there! Where do you live in England?

Send more kate articles my way if you find anymore!! :)


Yes! You should quit coffee, but before you do get yourself some ibuprofen and a ton of bottled water... I had awful caffeine headaches the first few days... like no joke- they were terrible! I also recommend finding a replacement for coffee in the morning. The protein shakes were a huge help!!

Bella said...

I love Kate! I love her style. I love her poise. And I will forever love her for wearing McQueen for her wedding! :D Have you seen any of the Franklin Mint Kate dolls? They are gorgeous!

Here is an awesome (and hilarious) gossip site (www.celebitchy.com) to keep up with Kate. Not only do they have a lot of Kate posts, but also a lot of celebrity fashion posts. Love this site.

Here's a link to the archived Kate posts: http://www.celebitchy.com/category/kate_middleton/

Pearls and Pears said...

YES! Thanks Bella! You are the best!! I am going to check out the kate dolls... I was considering the official kate and william seal dessert plates. I mean who wouldn't want to eat cake off of those fancy plates! I need to go online and get some kind of commemorative goodies. My mom did that when Charles and Diana were married... she had so many books that I looked through as a little girl. I completely idolized Diana because of it.

Nelson said...

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Thanks for sharing!

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