Monday, June 13, 2011

Girls Rodeo Weekend!

Hi all! I just got back yesterday from Black Butte where I and 6 of my girlfriends went over for a ladies weekend! We laid by the pool, drank gray-hounds, had spa appointments, etc. But the main reason we went over there was to go to the Sisters Rodeo! It was a Hoot!!!

Here are some photos from my trip:

The gals at the lodge
Megan (me :) ), Vanessa, Shanley, Kimberly, Melissa, Annie, and Lindsey 

By the lake...

Shanley and her amazing sweatshirt...

Lindsey ready for the Rodeo!


Shanley, Vanessa, and Melissa watching the bull riding

The Rodeo Queen

Shanley well equipped with her new flask...

Me, Shanley, and Annie with the Rodeo Princesses

On our way to get in the Bar line...

Annie trying to get Melissa's boot off! Hilarious!!

The magically shrinking coconut cake!

This is hilarious... all of this was procured at my shop 

Amazing weekend!! I cant wait to go next year!!!!!


Holly said...

Looks like a really great weekend! Those bags look awesome, did you make them or did you buy them somewhere? Is that what you sell? Very cute either way!

Mandee said...

you and your girls are too cute!!

Pearls and Pears said...

I make custom and stock pillows, cushions, blankets, etc. all monogrammed. But connected to my "design workshop" for lack of a better term... we have a full gift shop with tote bags, bathrobes, cosmetics, stationary, pretty much anything we can get in that can be personalized. We do all the monogramming in house and the send out for things like stationary, lucite trays, melamine plates, recipe cards, etc. We want to get into bedding... that might be the next step.

anyway... thats the short version :)

The bags you see in the picture are from a company called AU. They are FABULOUS!! I have 2 and are always full. :)

antony said...


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