Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mr and Mrs McBride

Last Saturday my friend Ashley married her longtime love Ryan. The whole wedding was just so "her"... she is someone who does everything her way! The catering was gourmet pizza and caesar salad because she had dieted for 8 months and that is ALL she wanted! Instead of a wedding cake she had shortbread cookies and FILLED cupcakes - which were unreal! Instead of a large long table for her and her wedding party it was "seat yourself" and then there was a small table off near the river for just her and ryan lit by candle light. My favorite part of the whole wedding was that after dinner... she went upstairs and changed into her "party" dress. She loves to dance and hated the idea of dancing in a big gown. She is the cutest!!! The wedding was absolutely lovely! Such a wonderful celebration with family and friends... I hope that (in a million years) when I finally tie the knot, I can make my day as special and individual as hers was!

First time anyone has photographed me dancing where I don't look like I have some kind of a physical disability... Probably because I was just bobbing and clapping :)
Rob, Lynne, and I (Rob and Lynne are getting hitched next summer in NYC!)
Ashley and her dad
Congratulations Ashley and Ryan!!!! Beautiful couple!!!

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