Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back at the Ranch

So I am BACK at Black Butte because I really just can't get enough! :) I came with my friends Ryan and Melissa Solin and they brought their baby, Kate. Who has red hair and is actually the cutest! We went shopping the first morning we were here in Sisters, which is always fun. Lots of cute knick knacks... and of course stopped into sisters bakery... which is actually the most amazing bakery ever (this is a crappy photo... but you get the idea)!!
If you are vacationing in the area or driving through Sisters at any point stop here for something really amazing...

We have been laying by the pool, golfing, and drinking a LOT of wine!! We are here till tomorrow and I know I am going to go through round two of what I like to call... I don't want to leave... therefor I am going to have a tiny 26 year old temper tantrum. It happens whenever I have had a really good time on vacation... Oh well! It means I am having fun right?? 

Melissa just made me a mimosa! So its time to go! :)



Kaleena J. said...

Hey, I just found your blog! I'm excited to be your newest follower. I really like the layout. :)

AllyRae said...

Enjoy and have a great vacation!

LindseyLove said...

Hey girl, I gave you a wonderful bloggy award so go to my page to accept it!