Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Megan's Picks: March

Here are my picks for march!!!

1. Do it yourself photography: a reunited love

Because I am not supposed to be shopping I have taken up an old friend... DIY photography. I take all the photographs for work and all of my girlfriends are constantly taking pictures so my love of photography has gone by the wayside. It has been really unfortunate that this has happened so I have taken it up again as an outlet to being stressed and as a fun activity on the weekend.

2. Antipasto bars at gourmet foods markets:

I used to hate them... they are always in an area of the grocery store that has delish food and because if it, instead of smelling roast chicken and vegetables... all you smell is olives!!! However I do have to say that I had quite a fun time at the antipasto bar this week because I was making lasagna for Mr Matthew and I went through to get some goodies to chop up and put in my lasagna such as marinated artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, roast red pepper, roast garlic, YUMMMM!!! I also had leftovers from my trip through that I have been putting in my egg whites every morning. Such a treat!

3. Girls Night In:

I had some of my girlfriends over to my house last weekend for wine and appetizers and we had a blast! We usually do girls nights out and the problem with them is that people get tired, its loud, and can be really expensive! So I just had a group over on a friday night and dubbed the dress code: YOGA PANTS!

I made empenadas w/ mashed avocado and a nice cheese and cracker spread. It was well appreciated and the gals brought wine and dessert. It was fun to just be in my living room hanging out not having to worry about who is going to drive, the cost, getting gussied up (which dont get me wrong! I love that... its just a nice difference). Just all of us hanging out all comfy!

4.Godiva coffee:
Fabulous for chocolate lovers! Its fantastic and seriously cuts down on the calories. Which with bikini season coming up is CLUTCH!

Speaking of which...

5. My new bikinis from Victoria's Secret

I don't look quite this good in them yet. :) but MAYBE someday?? probably not. However - I will be bikini ready for my up and coming trips... If I just keep doing what I am doing!

6. Budweiser select 55

AMAZING beer!! Its only 55 calories for 12 ounces and totally refreshing. I am so glad I have found an alcoholic bev that I don't have to feel guilty for... other than vodka soda... which is my other drink of choice. 

7. Henri Bendel:
This cracks me up... I know this feeling... I get it every year I go to New York and go into Henri Bendel on 5th avenue (across from Trump Tower! Love it!)

Christmas Wreath...LOVE
Alright... I am not shopping right now(theoretically)... BUT! Henri Bendel is my light at the end of the tunnel! That store is amazing. All accessories and those of which you cant find anywhere else! I am obsessed... I visit the store whenever I am in New York... but they are online! So check it out. its amazing.

8. Focusing on blessings... all the little joys. 

I have been feeling beyond blessed for my amazing life. I recently took on the project of replacing all the photographs in my apartment with some new ones. I also bought some new frames to put more recent photos in and in doing so I have put into focus what I am thankful for. Photos of my family, all my traveling, my job, my boyfriend, my great friends. Its very cool to feel so fulfilled from something so small! 

So because of this... I have decided to propose a new challenge for my "bloggy" readers that I will announce a little later today... I will be giving an award (badge) to everyone who completes it to post on your blog if you choose to do so! Its going to be fun and fulfilling... I figured it would be a great way to start of spring! It will be called the "Count Your Blessings Challenge" and I will be doing it with you! 

I will be creating the badge this afternoon as well as the stipulations of the challenge! So check back with me a little later!


Katie H said...

i love the second bikini! it does look a lot like the one i mentioned in my blog entry...might have to get one for myself ;)

Pearls and Pears said...

Absolutely! I am glad you like it! BTW- Did you hear about Zoo Brew? Elephants and beer tasting?? amazing.

Bella said...

Loving this post, especially #8.

I looove the 2nd VS polka dot ruffle bikini. I was going to get that, but unfortunately my boobs are too big for the top. :/