Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Little Challenge

Ok I talked it up earlier today... now here it is! :) 

The Count Your Blessings Challenge!!

Here is how it works:

2 weeks... 14 blessings. Post one thing you are thankful for once a day on your blog for 14 days and receive your award! While easter is coming up, this is not a challenge based on religion... just a way of reminding yourself all that you can be grateful for. 

Here is a picture of the blog award:

I will be doing this challenge with you! I am going to put the rules and post the URL for the award on its own page. When you complete the challenge let me know. I will be posting all the bloggers who have completed the challenge to give you all a little extra press and to also to encourage others to do the challenge as well!

This is not just an awesome way to get a fun blog award... but also a great way to remind yourself how wonderful life is! So I will be starting tomorrow with day 1 of what I am thankful for!

Goodnight everyone!


Katie H said...

one question....does the whole post for each day have to revolve around what we're thankful for, or can it be just a little snippet at the end of whatever we're writing about?
LOVING this idea btw...being thankful for the amazing things we have in life is often overlooked but is truly an easy way to be happier :)

Pearls and Pears said...

just a snippet! Like you can write a novel about everything going on in your life and at the end write something as small as "Day 7: today I am thankful for my _____" Thats it!

Its just a little reminder!

I am so glad you like this idea! I think its going to be good! :)

Bella said...

I really love this idea/challenge! It's a great way to live in the moment. :)

Holly said...

Love this idea! Thanks for hosting this challenge! I'm in :)

Emily said...

Love it!
I have to say, I'm pretty confident that I have this challenge in the bag:) I can't wait to read what everyone else is thankful for!

Renata said...

in! I'm a day late though. whoops!@

Pearls and Pears said...

It doesn't matter when you start! Depending on how well it goes I think I am going to keep the instructions and URL for the award up on its own page and as people complete it throughout the year I can just add their blog to the list! Its so fun!! I am glad you are doing it! Are you going to be thankful for flannel?? :) Your guest post was awesome!

Brittany said...

love this!

Pearls and Pears said...

thanks Brittany! It isn't too late to do it! You can start the challenge whenever... the important part is finishing it!:) And a little schwag for your blog is always fun! :)