Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Ideal Situation

Matt was living with 2 other twenty something males, but was really thinking that he was ready to grow up a little bit and move out of the "frat" situation. Which I really didn't think wasn't that bad. I mean sure none of them knew how to clean a bathroom, they would go a few days without taking out the trash, and there were more empty beer bottles on the counter than in the fridge. I always figured thats how men lived until they either moved in with a female or till around 30 when they discover clorox products. 

Anyway, a really good apartment became available in my office building which is a historic building in downtown eugene! These apartments are walking distance to everything! They are also about 700 square feet have cute claw foot bath tubs, large living rooms, just really all and all are pretty ideal. So he checked it out and moved in last friday. 

We both get off at 5 o'clock and I can either go upstairs and cook with him, or we hoof it to one of the FABULOUS restaurants within 2 blocks from here. Its pretty much awesome. He pops in to say hi if he ever has a day off. Talk about a nice surprise!

Its also great for work! We spend most of our time hanging out at his place now because I live WAY uptown. A lot of times I get customers that want to pop in when the store is closed and its a lot more convenient for me to just jet downstairs and wait on them than for me to try and arrange a time when we will both be downtown. 

Anyway... i thought that I would share that little development... pretty fantastic!!! 


Kaleena J. said...


totally know about the frat house situation. For a while, my boyfriend's friend lived with us and there were beer bottles on the counter, coffee table, kitchen table UGH! Also, we were taking the garbage out almost every day. Living with two boys? NEVER AGAIN!

Pearls and Pears said...

haha yeah! He also decided to decorate nicer too... he has a nice vintage brown leather sofa with a matching chair, furniture made out of actual hard wood rather than particle board! Its looking like the makings of a manly pottery barn set up. Pretty impressed! :)