Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Move in day! (and by day I mean week)

Today we begin moving into our newly expanded office! Our office is on the first floor of a historic building which is divided up into 2 offices. We had already been in the smaller office and today we are expanding into the other side as well! We are so excited not to be working on top of each other anymore!!

Here are a few pictures! 
Mom behind the "reception desk" aka our new gift wrap/shipping area. 
This will be transformed into a bar for our christmas party! :)

The main part of the office. 
The french doors to the front go to our new conference room (something we never had before!)

The display in the foyer of the office. This area actually bridges our new "wholesale and custom departments" with the retail shop we already have in place. 

Our retail store! 
Which will be 3 times bigger once we move all the wholesale and custom to the other side!

Our current office which will now hold all back stock. Notice how CRAMPED everything is!
I cant wait for everything to be complete!!

On that note... our retail store is one year old this week so....

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AllyRae said...

How exciting! Congratulations on the extra space! It's beautiful!