Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to make a button! (for the non computer savvy)

I was proud of my mad blogging skills today as I FINALLY figured out how to make a fab button! For all those who have been scratching their heads like me... I used 2 different processes...

1. I went to picnik photo editing and uploaded pictures (I pulled 2 fun ones from google images)... had a TON of fun messing around with their photo shop. I resized the image so that it was no bigger than 200x200 (its recommended to be 125x125... but thats kind of tiny).

2. I saved the image to my desktop (you can save it anywhere as long as its accessible to be re-loaded onto the net)

3. Then I followed instructions 2-5 on the following link: click me!

The only thing I did differently was instead of putting it on my sidebar... I made a new page for buttons- as you can see my sidebar is a little overloaded!!!

So there ya go! And please grab a button!!! :)


Morgan said...

I've always wondered! I paid someone to make my last button. I'm absolutely going to try this!

The Kung Faux said...

YAY! Gonna make myself a button :)