Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Love in Technicolor... the wedding photo booth!

I have yet to upload any pictures from my camera or my moms camera... BUT... I did order my prints from the photo booth.

BTW- to anyone who is getting married... I highly recommend doing something like this at the reception. If your guests are photo-tarded like I am, they will regret not taking enough pictures at the wedding and wish they had more... and these ones turn out so CUTE!!! Here they are...

The first 3 are of Matt and I... and the last 3 are of Kimberly, Annie, Erin and I 

SO FUN!! I will do a full post on the wedding weekend as soon as I have those silly pictures loaded and edited... who knows when that will be!!!


Kaleena J. said...

Oh cute! I love the idea of photo booths at weddings.

Dree said...

These pictures are lovely! Such a great idea!

Pearls and Pears said...

Thanks! I really love them! The photo company is out of seattle called Phototainment the photos were such quality! It was so nice to have professional pictures for us to keep as a wedding favor!

7x7xMommy said...

First of all...totally see the resemblance you're talking about - the hair is SOOOO similar!

Secondly, the photobooth at our Wedding was the BIGGEST hit and I second your recommendation for having one at EVERY wedding - it's truly fun for all!