Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hug a Ginger Day

Yesterday was national "Hug a Ginger" day... to all of the gingers in my life...

... this one is for you! :)
My Sister Molly... and her red headed horse, appropriately named "Ginger"

Another one of Molly and her Best friend since she was 11, Miss Ali Kerns

My lovely Aunts Syd and Nancy!! 
(Aunt Syd is coming into town today from Portland!!!)
My cousin Chase pictured with yours truely!
 (notice how in this pic I am ACTUALLY hugging a ginger)

My cousin Whit... I am pretty sure he is in a limo
 (clearly this one was stolen from facebook)

And last but CERTAINLY not least... little 10 month old Kate Solin. GINGER BABY!!!

I hope you all hugged the gingers in your life yesterday!!


AllyRae said...

Haha! You gotta' love hug a ginger day and it seems there are plenty of them in your life! The more the merrier!

LPC said...

I've got a red-headed daughter:). I hug her whenever I can.