Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Part 2: My 26th Birthday!

One of the most hilarious coincidences that I have encountered in the past year happened on the night of the Fronmayer benefit at the University of Oregon Art Museum. I was hanging out with an old friend that I grew up, Michael, with along with our two families and several other members of the community. At this function I met Michael's (now) fiance Shanley and she and I became instant friends. After several glasses of wine and parading around the art museum like we actually knew what we were looking, she randomly asked me when my birthday was. Low and behold... not only did we have the same birthday, but we realized that we were born about an hour apart from each other.
Now when you have this realization when you are 100% sober... its funny, and a huge coincidence, but kind of an after thought after a while. When you have this realization after 2+ glasses of wine, you think its destiny! Some cosmic force wanted us to be friends... well that was the conclusion we drew from it that evening and that conclusion has stuck.
Shanley and I did what we knew we had to do that next January... Throw a BITCHIN tandem 26th birthday party. Bottles of delish wine on all the tables, amazing catered food, and of course trendy mini cupcakes to top it all off!

The Birthday Girls!!!

B2 Wine Bar was the location of our Party... as you can see they did not disappoint...
I call this picture the "Hooray its my Birthday!!" Photo.

This was a killer party followed by a killer headache... and of course one of the most memorable birthdays I have ever had.

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