Friday, December 24, 2010

My first DIY project: Christmas tags.

First of all I hope everyone is having...

 a FABULOUS Christmas Eve!!!

I have had this blog for almost 1 year and I FINALLY have an original DIY project that I can post about!
So this year I was horribly disorganized. I mean it is bad.... I am sending out New Years cards and they wont even get here by new years. So they will get them after the actual holiday... pathetic.

BUT in my disorganization... creativity sprang. I had the wrapping paper and jacked a bunch of ribbon from my store... but i forgot to buy gift tags!!! This year I bought a lot of little things for my family members rather than one big gift for each. I kept finding special things that each of them would love, but they were on the inexpensive side! So I bought them each around 4 fun little gifts. All very sentimental and specific to them.

So when I went to wrap them I figured I would make some gift tags myself! I went through my photo archives and found photos of me and my mother, me and my sister, and me and my father all taken at when we were out to dinner or on vacation. I uploaded them on to and photoshopped them into hilarious gift cards.

I had a ton of fun photoshopping them into hilarious christmas pictures...

I picked photos that were sentimental to each of us and then added "flair". Then I saved them on my desktop and opened up a word document. I clicked and dragged the photo, sized it to be around 2.5x2.5 or as close to that as I could. I copied the photo and pasted it to fit 6 on a page.

I then printed the sheets on heavy card stock and cut each out. I punched a hole in the corner of each and strung a 10 inch ribbon through each. I tied them to my wrapped gifts and voila!!

So thats my first DIY project!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday. I am hoping to have a lot more projects in the coming year! We will see how creative I get! :)