Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

WOW... I am majorly playing catchup! It has been a whirlwind of activities!!

Lets start from where we left off...
Thanksgiving week was AMAZING!! What a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season! My sister was home and it was so good to see so many members of my family. We had 12 people at my parents house and the food was so good! Before we had our family thanksgiving we went to the 31st Annual Murphy Turkey Bowl. Where 60 of our nearest and dearest meet for flag football and brunch!

Then later in the day my mom cooked and cooked and COOKED!

Here are a few pics from Thanksgiving:

She can smell it... but where is it???

Mol and Aunt Syd making gravy
Mom and dad at the head of the table... by accident, 
we really aren't into formalities... :)
The rest of the gorgeous table!

The next day we got up and threw a wonderful party at our store! It was all decked out for the holidays and it was wonderful seeing all of our friends and patrons of the shop.

Here are a few little window displays we did for the party

Here is the front of our shop... and one of our loyal customers "Czar"

Then later that day molly and I went to the LAST home game of the year at Autzen Stadium...


A really horrible photo of Molls and I...

That saturday we all went to the Festival of Trees Gala. I am obviously not a millionaire and am really there for the cocktails and food courtesy of one of my parent's fabulous friends who bought two tables for the event. As I was walking in on a whim I bought a random raffle ticket for a diamond necklace that I was convinced I wasn't going to win. As I bought only ONE... and they called my name. 

So basically I spent $10.00 and ended up with a $2000.00 Diamond and Onyx necklace... NOT TOO SHABBY!
Bad photo of the pretty necklace... 

That next Sunday night I decided to cook for Matt since he has been gone and I made lemon chicken with bacon green beans and brown rice. 

ready for the oven!

Green beans prepped...

My masterpiece! 

After that lovely weekend, this past work week has been unbelievable!! We have done so well with our christmas merchandise and that has rendered me quite busy. Matt and I have found ourselves sneaking little dates here and there when we get a chance! My mom and I were also able to sneak up to Portland for a little Christmas Shopping this past friday!

Ahh... thats all to report for now!

I need to not get so backed up... its pretty difficult during the Holidays!

Matt and I are headed back up to portland for a fun weekend just the two of us since we will be spending Christmas with our own families... We are having out own little christmas up in Portland... SO EXCITED!!

Cheers to all
Happy Holidays!!!


The Wife In Her New Life said...

sounds like you had a fabulous time these past several days! I LOVE that necklace -- it's GORGEOUS! I generally don't win anything so I'm super jealous haha.
And the meal you made Matt sounds delicious -- and The Husband would LOVE it if I made it =)

Pearls and Pears said...

I will post the recipe! its SUPER easy!! Prep time was like 10-15 minutes...I was pretty excited about the necklace too! :)