Thursday, July 7, 2011

What exactly does one wear to Las Vegas in August??

I am headed to the Las Vegas for a week in August for the LV Gift and Home Market AND my friend Annie's 30th Birthday... SOOO 7 whole days in the glittery desert of nevada... what the heck am I supposed to wear??? I think I have the social aspect covered at least on the weekend. But how does one dress professionally in 105 degree heat?? Normally I would probably go with stylish comfort... its more than OK to be dressed down at gift shows, especially when you are a buyer. However... The Keynote Speaker is President Bill Clinton... so I don't want to roll in dressed for a pool party when the former leader of the free world will be speaking to me about the market economy...

Here is a peek at the fun stuff I will be procuring for my trip... thank goodness for 4th of July Sales... all of the summer stuff was marked down 50-70 percent off everywhere I was looking! I do not have ANY vacation clothing anymore... too many years of city traveling and working in the summer I guess! I was happy to take advantage of the summer sales!

DKNY Silk T-Shirt

Trina Turk Swim cover-up 

VS- Turquoise embellished swim cover-up 

Tinley Road Sandals

Michael Antonio Beach Sling-backs

Mistique Starfish Sandals

Turquoise embroidered Halter- Bikini

Daisy Halter green polka dot bikini
(shown in pink)

ok SO... I have these things for the weekend part... but what exactly do I wear to business conferences in the heat!!!! 

Any Ideas?? I would be glad to hear!!


Amanda said...

I'm headed to Vegas in August too! But I will be there for less than 36 hours...

Pearls and Pears said...

haha you really don't need any more time then that! This is going to be a crazy 8 days... I hope I don't melt! Its going to be like 108 outside!!

Ashley said...

im going too! woohoo! its cooler there than in PHX, so Im happy :)

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