Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bragging rights...

My boyfriend works for the local minor league baseball team, the Eugene Emeralds. Part of this fabulous job is that he is actually the annoucer at the games. Which is great for him as he enjoys baseball, and fun for me because I love hearing his voice over the PA while I am drinking beer with my friends at the games... he has a great sports announcer voice which sounds nothing like his real voice... which is so funny.

Matt giving a lecture on sports marketing at the U of O

This year its been even more amazing because the team is ridiculously good! I mean OUT OF CONTROL. They just set the league record for most wins in a row EVER... 14!!! They are leading the league by 5 wins right now!

rockin it!

So between Ducks Football making it to the National Championship and the Eugene Emeralds breaking crazy records... it would appear that we have a very small title town up here in Oregon!!

Ok ok... enough bragging. 

if you all want to follow the craziness that is this team right now they have a fanpage on facebook 
Search Word: Eugene Emeralds 


AC Quigley said...

Reasons for bragging duly accepted! Go Emeralds!!

Mandee said...

I used to live in Eugene so I totally know about the Emeralds! Pretty sure someone from the Emeralds spoke in my Public Relations class about 5 years ago. Maybe it was your hubs but I do not remember who!

Pearls and Pears said...

That would have been hilarious, but this was just last year...The guy who spoke was probably Bob or Brian Beban. Thats so awesome that you used to live in Eugene! You were probably here when they were still playing at Civic Stadium... Which is unfortunately all but condemned. The U of O built a new baseball complex, PK Park, that they share with the Emeralds on the same property as Autzen Stadium! Which is fantastic!! The stadium is brand new and all my gals and I grab drinks by the river at Mcminamin's North Bank before going over!

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