Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer reading list update...

All you veteran readers of my blog are aware of the fact that I have severe ADD... hence the constant comparison of myself to a goldfish (15 second memory span and distracted by shiny objects)

SO I started that fabulous summer reading list I mentioned a while ago, and big surprise... I veered from it.

I started with The Girl Who Chased the Moon and I loved it so much that I decided that I wasn't in the mood for any of the other books on my list... I really just wanted the story to keep going. This led me to a month long literary love affair with the author, Sarah Addison Allen. In one month I have actually read every book she has written. Which really isn't as ominous as it sounds, there are 4 total.

These books are absolutely DARLING... So today I am plugging her! These books all take place in North Carolina, all have strong female heroines, and all have an element of magical realism. Main themes are love, cooking, family, forgiveness, female bonds, overcoming tragedy, and self improvement. These are light reads and are beyond just a feel good book. They absolutely lifted my spirit when I was reading them.

One more fun fact is that in all the books each of the heroines have some kind of affection for food either they own a restaurant or a coffee shop and the author has put the recipes of the food served in the stories in the back of the book... HOW CUTE IS THAT??

So if you are looking for some fun summer reading look for these books:

The Peach Keeper

The Sugar Queen

Garden Spells

The Girl Who Chased the Moon

Surprise surprise... I have yet to go back to my original reading list! As you know I was in Washington DC a little over a week ago which then inspired me to read Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol".  I am on about page 400 and its scaring the pants off me!

So this little summer reading list that I have started just keeps getting longer... but I guess the point is to get people to read more... so I guess its doing the trick!


The Whity Wife said...

i love dan brown! By far by favorite books are all his! It helps that I have been every place that this books at set! I was in DC in January and read the book while I was there! It was so awesome to see the places he was talking about as the story was happening!

So far I have gotten 20 pages into 4 books this summer... I have a real knack for not finishing books ;)

Mandee said...

thank you for the suggestions!! I am overwhelmed by my summer reading list. I just read The Hunger Games and it was SO GOOD! It's a 3 part series and I'm hooked!

Pearls and Pears said...

I was staring at the capitol building when I started reading it! So true!! Its really neat to be reading that book while you are there! My dad read angels and demons while on his 30th anniversary trip through italy with my mother... The vatican was that much more interesting when they got to Rome.

Sophie A. said...

How was DC? I can't wait to visit in Fall :) Are you still reading the scary book? I currently live alone so I'll past on that ;) Have a great weekend!

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