Thursday, November 11, 2010

Notes from Iphone land...

Alright... I hate the scramble and fury that is caused by new technology... HATE. IT. However I needed a new iphone. I ended up getting the second generation of iphone a few months after it came out over 3 YEARS ago... and it has lasted me this long (not to brag, but I never needed it serviced and I made it that long without applecare! whoop! I also dropped it about a million times too... way to go apple for making good products).

So anyway... I have been needing to get a new one because whenever I got a call and a text at the same time... the phone would just turn off! After the Iphone 4 came out I decided to wait until they had them regularly in stock. I am not going to play at&t's little wait list game. I called about once a month and now that the new Windows 7 phone came out... they have iphones in stock. thank goodness! I have to say... I AM COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH THIS PHONE!!!

I am uploading HD videos on you tube of gracie, downloading fun apps, video chatting my friends (who are over it because most of them have had the phone since May), syncing my calender for work, the whole nine yards!

Here are some of the fun things I have found that I must share with all of you...

1. Paint me application:

Holy Cow! We have been looking for someone to take a photograph of the store and paint it for us and then we would want to scan it to use for invitations to our "Pillow Talk Social Hour" parties, facebook, etc. This application takes a photograph and turned it into a PDF painting! Here are some samples of what I have done:

This is now our new facebook profile picture. 

This is the photo that we are using for our christmas party invitation


2. Customized cases:

I haven't ordered one yet because I for sure went overboard on 2 days ago ordering cases for my phone... BUT I found this template designer blog this morning and its SO CUTE! Especially if you were just married or had a baby... any professional photos would be really adorable. 

You can buy sets of these templates at:
And then order the actual cases from either
Or if you prefer just a skin

3. Open Table: Make dinner reservations from your phone...

I use this website anyway before I go out of town. Now I can take 2 seconds go on my phone and make a dinner reservation in any city. ALSO they only work with high caliber restaurants and they make recommendations to you if you are in an unfamiliar city. I LOVE IT.

Anyway! Thats all for now! I am signing off with one more hilarious thing I found on the net...

Steve Jobs bobble head/iphone charger- I mean... why not?


The Wife In Her New Life said...

So I definitely need to get on board with iphone. I messed around with my mom's yesterday and I'm hooked! BUT I have verizon...hopefully apple's contract with AT&T is up soon and they can branch out

Pearls and Pears said...

yeah hopefully! I hate AT&T and the time when I need my cell the most is at Oregon Football games where YOU CANT GET RECEPTION! All of my friends with t mobile and verizon have full bars and I cant get any service. The worst part... AT&T is a sponsor of Oregon Duck Athletics. Pathetic.