Saturday, September 17, 2011

Meg's Picks: September

Hiatus over!! I have been so busy with my local blog "Chic in Eugene" that I have neglected my personal one! My apologies!! :) BUT... here is the latest installment of Meg's Picks! I have a great bunch of goodies to share with all of you!!

1. Precision in Pink Tweezerman Tweezers:
The annual breast cancer awareness limited edition pink ribbon tweezers! Every year these little babies come out right around the end of august and I LOVE them! This year they are particularly adorable!

2. Umbra Conceal U- invisible bookshelves
These are so fantastic and such a cool look! Gives the optical illusion that books are sitting on the wall without a shelf! You probably need a visual... 

This look is even cooler when you put up a several shelves and organize your books my color of the jacket/spine...

3. Stella and Dot: Brooches, bangles, and beads...
This one pretty much speaks for itself. While the resort line is not new... I just discovered it! So I am treating it like it is! :) Here are a few pieces that I just love!

4. Knock Knock Bookmark Pad:
These are hysterical! There are 3 different ones available! They say "Don't forget!", "You are HERE", and "Yes, I'm actually reading this!" They come 10 to a pack and are on heavy card stock...

5. Great Mustaches Mugs...
I am obsessed with these. I have one and I keep all of my make-up brushes in it! It is one of my favorite little knick knacks in my apartment. Looks fantastic sitting in my medicine cabinet!

6. Wall Cell Phone shelf:
No installation necessary...perfect for people like me who are constantly tripping over cords! These are fantastic little shelves that would also make a fantastic stocking stuffer at christmas!

7. Trader Joe's "Skinny Fries"
These little babies are tasty and guilt free!! 65pcs are only 100 calories! Try to find fries lighter than that!! 

8. Leila Jewelry:
These charming little necklaces are perfect girlfriend gifts. So kitschy and creative, its hard not to appreciate them!

9. Last but not least...big shocker here... MISSONI FOR TARGET!
I was definitely one of the people who showed up the morning of the 13th to pick myself up some fantastic pieces and a fraction of what it normally costs. If you can find it where you are, then buy it! Its a great deal on some really fantastic merchandise!!

Thats all for now!! :)


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