Monday, August 15, 2011

Las Vegas Part 1: They do everything swanky in Vegas... especially Presidential speeches...

First of all sorry for being so absent in the past month. I have been seriously neglecting my blog. Its always when I have the most to say that I can't find time to sit down and write!! So I am going to TRY... keyword: Try and be better about posting things that are going on...

I have a lot to share with you from my recent trip to las vegas... but I am going to start with the first 2 events that I went to for work.

Up on the Roof: an event for DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation for Fighting Aids)

While going to so many amazing seminars while in las vegas... We were able to go to this fantastic event. Which was an unbelievable cocktail party on the roof of the World Market Center. It was fantastic...

Here are some photos from the event.

We parked it in this little corner... not a bad view of the strip!

Drank several of the signature cocktail- electric lemonade! 

The scene.
The food was fantastic! Lobster ceviche, crab cakes, cajun shrimp cocktail, and dessert "shots" which were basically in shot glasses in which you add your own toppings. 

Very happy after the long day!

This was a fantastic event! We had a wonderful time and it is a great cause! If you are at all interested in learning more about DIFFA or you are in a metropolitan area and are interested in attending one of there fantastic events here is their website for more information:

Keynote Speaker: President Bill Clinton

The second amazing event that we were able to attend at the Las Vegas Market was the keynote speech with President Bill Clinton. He came and spoke about the current economy as well as his current Haiti project he is working on with Bush. When we signed up to go to the Speech I thought they were going to be filing us into a giant ball room one by one, then he would speak, then we would all leave after some Q and A. Nope! I forgot we were in Las Vegas! Where they don't do anything ordinary. The presidential Speech was at 6:45. However, you were able to come at 5:30 reserve your seat in the large pavilion fully equipped with a lounge and a bar...and then go over to the Serta sponsored cocktail party at the pavillion over. Where they had a DJ, heavy appetizers, and a full bar. All of which was complimentary. 

Here are some photos of the event. 

Cocktail Party!

Loved all the lounge furniture... such a clutch place to hang out before the speech. 

We were pretty excited!! Loved the entire event...

Such an eloquent guy and looked fantastic!

Decided another cocktail and Sliders w/ sweet potato fries were a much more enjoyable way to watch the Q and A portion of the evening. 

So glad we grabbed a seat early... there were 13,000 people there!!!

What an evening! These 2 events happened the first 2 nights we were in las vegas... I have so much more to share... this is just part 1. I am trying to condense, but there was so many amazing things that I have to share... this may take a few posts!!

Thanks everyone... I'm Back!!


Anonymous said...

I love the colour of that blue drink. I am loving 20SB it's been a pretty peachy keen time.

Anonymous said...

ohhh electric lemonades!!! sounds like a great time at the event and cool to hear a past president speak!!!

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