Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Count Your Blessings Challenge: Day 11, 12, and 13.

Wow what a wonderful weekend. My entire family was in town! I spent some quality time with my extended family. Matt came and had dinner with us at our Country Club. Which was really wonderful because they gave us a private room because of the number of people that we were having for dinner. My mom thinks its because we are "the loud family" and the dining room cant handle it... and she might be right! So happy I was able to see everyone!

Ok lets get to it!

Day 11: On Saturday I was thankful for where I live.

It was so gread having my family in town. There was a lot of talk about how great the city Eugene is. My aunt Nancy mentioned to me that she loved coming to Eugene and that it made a great home base for our family even though a lot of them live in other states or in other cities in Oregon and it made me feel so thankful for where I live...

Here are some gorgeous shots of Oregon... I love living here!!!!

Haceta Head



Multnomah Falls

and... duh... Black Butte. 

Day 12: On Sunday I was thankful for my dad!

Matt and I went golfing on Sunday with my father. It was so much fun. He gets so excited when we play golf and he really needed an outlet from the stress of the work week. So we drove up to corvallis and played Trysting Tree Golf Course. Matt wasn't having the best round of his life and I think that he was especially mad because he wasn't playing well in front of my dad. Of course my dad in turn blamed himself for Matt's poor playing because he must be "bad luck"... The two of them are so funny when they are together... Talk about best friend time. It made me really happy to be spending time with my two favorite guys!! I love my dad so much and even though he refused to complain I could tell his knee was "acting up"- The result of an old football injury from high school. He is not what I would call "a complainer". He takes care of everyone ALL THE TIME! He works 14 hour days, does the book keeping at the office, he does ALL my accounting, and also does a considerable amount of work at home. 

The guy on the right!!! :) LOVE HIM!!

Day 13: Yesterday I was thankful for Bakerella!! 

This makes me laugh... but as you all know I recently procured a Cricut Cake machine. I am pretty excited about this and I have gone on some websites, blogs, etc and checked out all the amazing projects people have done. Today I actually bit the bullet and purchased the machine I have been drooling over for 2 years. It FINALLY went on sale for the somewhat affordable price of $225. Which is still a lot... but in the color I wanted I hadn't found it for under $299 since it was released... Enough babbling!

This is what I bought...

how cute are you apple green kitchen aid??!!!

I was going to register for one when I eventually get engaged... but you know what? I want to bake NOW! 

Regardless of my insane shopping and before I get too off track...  yesterday...I was thankful for bakerella! Her projects are inspiring! WOW what a talented lady... 

Here are some of her projects/ideas :

I dont know what man would propose this way... but it would be cute for an engagement party.

Christmas spread

Superbowl party...

umm... can I just hire her to set this up at the front of my store every day??? 



Raven said...

I love your story about the country club, and being the "loud" family. I used to work in a country club so you can tell your mom that she was probably right lol!! I kid, I kid. I'm sure you are all lovely :)

and being so close to Oregon, I just love it. We go to Bend every year and all our family and extended comes and we do a ski trip, the highlight of my year!!

Bella said...

Wow! I really want to go to Oregon now. Looks so freaking beautiful.

The Day 12 post is so cute and so sweet. :)

And I don't blame you for buying the Kitchen Aid machine! Green is my favorite color. It's too cute.

Bakerella's projects and ideas are so awesome that I almost squealed in delight! Added to favorites. :)

P.S. I completed the challenge! I had so much fun with it. Thanks for starting it!

Maddie said...

Oh my gosh, a fellow Oregonian! This makes me very happy and I love your blog and reading about Oregon thinks like Ptown and Bend!! I'm also jealous that you got a super cute GREEN kitchenaid mixer.

Glad you found my blog, keep in touch!